Kate Spade Dahlia Pencil Pouch

Comes with an Eraser, Sharpener, and Pencils

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This Kate Spade Dahlia Pencil Pouch proves that fashion and functionality can be one and the same. The cheerful pouch features a bright and colourful floral pattern that makes a wonderful addition to any outfit. It also comes with several useful stationery items, including: two graphite pencils, an acetate ruler, a rubber eraser, and a metal pencil sharpener.

Pouch Dimensions: 21.6 x 14 x 0.6cm. Material: Synthetic Pu.

For women who are ready to take the world by storm, this Kate Spade Dahlia Pencil Pouch makes a marvelous gift. It’s perfect for scribbling some quick lines of poetry, making a grocery list, or working out a great business idea.

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