If you love to write or keep notes then the large range of notebooks and stationary items from Everything But Flowers is perfect for you.We have stationery packages including the Kathy Ireland Paisley Park Notepad Trio to single beautiful and decorative notebooks including Marimekka Notebook Gift Collection. Have a look online today and see if there is the perfect present for someone special to you. 

Need Some Birthday Present Inspiration? Find What You Need In Our stationery Section!

Stationery is something that is timeless, which means that they are also a good birthday present. No matter how you look at it, stationery will always be used, even in this day and age. Are you looking for some great birthday presents? Then we can recommend having a thorough look at our stationery section. Be sure to read on to get some great birthday gift advice!

What Birthday Presents From Your stationery Category Would You Advise?

There are many items from our stationery category that could be used as birthday presents. The first item we would like to recommend is the notepad trio, which is available in more than one colour and design. The notepad trio is the perfect present for a creative person, who often needs to write down ideas. It can also be gifted to a busy business man or women, because they always need some paper to scribble on!

Of course, there are many other birthday presents to discover in our stationery section, including some of our notebooks. Notebooks have been used as birthday presents for many decades and this has not changed until this day! At Everything but Flowers, you can get notebooks in various floral designs, or you could go for a professional red or blue.

Last but not least, we would also like to recommend one of the note cubes. The note cube does not necessarily need wrapping, because it already looks like a nice gift thanks to the bow on top of the cube. The note cube also has a beautiful design, which will certainly be appreciated by the recipient. The beautiful design also ensures that the note cube is not only functional, but also a nice decorative item for the desk.

How Do I Pick The Right Stationery?

Given the fact that our stationery can come in many designs, we recommend looking at the personality of the recipient before you make your final decision. For example, for a woman who likes creativity and bright colours, you may want to choose one of our floral designs. However, if you are buying for a business woman that has a thing for organisation and neatness, you are better off with a notepad in an even colour.

Once you have chosen the right stationery, you can continue to checkout or use our premium gift wrapping service. We offer many colours as well, so you can pick some gift wrap that matches the personality of the person you are buying for. In general, we can recommend a few colours for a birthday present, more specifically cream and canary yellow. Chocolate brown, deep red and royal purple tend to be better for Christmas. We also have baby blue and baby pink, which are the perfect colours for a christening gift.

Can I Call Up For More Information About Your Stationery?

Do you have a question about any of the products in our stationery section? Feel free to call Everything but Flowers at 1300-459-452 or send a message to our customer service email at sales@everythingbutflowers.com.au.