A rustic blend of white Alba truffles and mushrooms make this Truffle Salsa a culinary delight. Made in Italy.

Tartufi Morra Salsa Tartufata 80g

Special occasions like Christmas should be celebrated with scrumptious food and rare but delicious dishes. These occasions only happen once a year and it is a chance for your family to reunite. It is best to put up your best recipes and serve some culinary delights that are one of a kind during these celebrations. These delights could serve as your Christmas presents for your family and will make the occasion extra special and remarkable.

Unique Christmas Presents from Everything But Flowers

Everything But Flowers is aware about how Australians love food so much that’s why we offer you presents that will excite your gastro and give pleasure to your palates. As your one-stop gift shop here in Australia, Everything But Flowers offers you Christmas presents that will make your loved ones’ heart melt with happiness.

Christmas presents should be something timely and useful to the celebration. Things that will increase the ambience of Christmas like food and cocktails are the best gifts to give to your loved ones because you can share these Christmas presents right away after receiving them. Here at Everything But Flowers, we naturally offer hampers with wines or champagnes but if you want to give something that most foodies will appreciate, we recommend you the Tartufi Morra Salsa Tartufata.

Celebrate Christmas with the Luxurious Tartufi Morra Salsa Tartufata

If you are looking for the best Christmas presents for food lovers or if you want to introduce something unique and delicious to someone special, the Tartufi Morra Salsa Tartufata should be in your priority list. It is a very famous Tartufi sauce that comes in salsa variant, which is made from mushrooms and rare Alba truffles. This sauce is perfect to blend in different kinds of scrumptious dishes and you can also add this to your experiment recipes.

You will never go wrong if you give the Tartufi Morra Salsa Tartufata as one of your Christmas presents because Alba is known to have the most delectable and pleasant-smelling truffles in the world and Tartufi Morra is known for its fresh truffles with extraordinary flavours. It is definitely a must-have for those who love to cook or experiment in the kitchen.

Get the Tartufi Morra Salsa Tartufata from Everything But Flowers

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