Men's Leather 'North South' Messenger Bag with Monogram

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Offering sophisticated style and stunning quality this gorgeous monogrammed leather messenger bag is the ideal mens gift for the special man in your life. Part of our personalised mens gift range thats beautifully crafted from quality genuine leather this north-south vertical messenger not only looks great but is made to withstand his busy life.

With an adjustable strap for complete comfort and featuring a warm brown coloured leather; theres a perfectly paired khaki inner lining and antique silver hardware to complete his look. The personalised monogramming ensures this unique mens gift will bring an added touch of joy to his day.

Each of our monogrammed leather gifts features up to four letters in a blind embossed style that adds a subtle touch of sophistication. With plenty of room to hold all his essentials and compartments to help him stay organised this will be his go-to bag for day to day use.

Everything But Flowers proudly selects and stores our entire gift range in our Sydney warehouse for guaranteed quality at every step of your order process. From our initial gift selection under the watchful eye of our expert buyer; to the in-house embossing by our expertly trained staff; right through to our packing and delivery with some of Australias most trusted couriers our in-house process means you can rest assured your gift arrives looking perfect to its destination.

When ordering your monogrammed leather mens satchel simply enter up to four letters or characters that will be used in the personalisation process and let our expert team do the rest.

As a natural material, leather will have variations in colour, creases and imperfections, making your item unique. These imperfections can include marks or nicks to which the leather can be susceptible during packing, transit and unwrapping. Over time you may see creasing or colour changes, all of which are natural features of leather.

Our leather products include care instructions to ensure your recipient can enjoy their personalised leather accessory for years to come.

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The Amazing Presents You Must Consider for Father’s Day!

Finding that perfect Father’s Day present can be a challenge for every customer. However, Everything but Flowers has a large range of Father’s Day presents available. If you need some inspiration, check out our recommended Father’s Day presents below, which have been hand-picked by our team.

What Is the First Present I Should Consider for Father’s Day?

The first present every customer should consider this Father’s Day is the Men’s Leather ‘North South’ Messenger Bag with Monogram. The Men’s Leather ‘North South’ Messenger Bag with Monogram is a suitable bag for students, but also businessmen who regularly need to transport important documents.

Our Men’s Leather ‘North South’ Messenger Bag with Monogram has plenty of space for documents, files, and other essentials a man might need for the job. The exterior of the messenger bag can also be customised with your recipient’s initials; this gives the messenger bag additional sentimental value.

What Is the Second Present I Should Consider for Father’s Day?

Another present you could consider for Father’s Day is the James Squire Ale Hamper, the most popular beer hamper available at Everything but Flowers. Inside this hamper, customers can find five beers from the James Squire brewery, which have been rated and approved by Aussie beer lovers.

Beers included inside the James Squire Ale Hamper are the Chancer Golden Ale, One Fifty Lashes Pale Ale, Stow Away India Pale Ale, Nine Tales Amber Ale, and the Constable Copper Ale. As you may expect, each of the beers has a unique aroma and palate, so even beer lovers with a remarkable collection of beers will love and appreciate the selection of beers inside this hamper.

In addition to the James Squire beers, our James Squire Ale Hamper also includes many savoury treats to complement the beer selection. The included gourmet treats are obtained from brands such as Valley Produce, the Brewer’s Nut Company, Kangaroo Island, and Gourmet Regional. So, if your recipient is on board for a full Aussie beer and gourmet experience, you cannot pass on our James Squire Ale Hamper for a special occasion.

What Is the Third Present I Should Consider for Father’s Day?

Does your dad enjoy a good barbecue? Does he like to delight friends and family with homemade burgers and other treats on the barbecue? If so, you cannot pass on the Maverick Barbecue Tool Set, one of our most extensive barbecue tool sets.

The Maverick Barbecue Tool Set contains eighteen barbecue tools; this ranges from a spatula and barbecue fork to a basting brush and corn cob holders. If your recipient needs more utensils, the Maverick Barbecue Tool Set is bound to provide them. Of course, you can also gift this set to dads who already own some barbecue tools but could use a more elaborate collection.

Please note that Everything but Flowers has more barbecue utensils, gadgets, and tools that could be appreciated on Father’s Day. So, if you need more inspiration, be sure to check out all the utensils and tools available at Everything but Flowers.

What Is the Fourth Present I Should Consider for Father’s Day?

For dads who thoroughly enjoy barbecues, you could consider an experience that enables him to add to his barbecue skills. There are several barbecue cooking classes available at Everything but Flowers; this includes the American Smoking BBQ Class.

The American Smoking BBQ Class is available in New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria. During the barbecue class, your dad will learn more about American barbecuing techniques such as slow-grilling and charcoal smoking. So, after this class, your dad will be able to throw even more elaborate barbecues.

What Is the Fifth Present I Should Consider for Father’s Day?

Some dads are big wine lovers. Fortunately, there are loads of present options for wine lovers as well; this includes the Winesave Pro, a bottle containing special argon gas that keeps opened wine in pristine condition.

By adding the Winesave Pro to an opened bottle of wine, your recipient can preserve his valuable bottles of wine. The gas creates a natural barrier on the wine; this without influencing the aroma or the palate of the wine itself. So, if your recipient has several valuable bottles of wine he is not enjoying due to fear of losing a single drop, then the Winesave Pro will be an outstanding choice for Father’s Day.

Where Can I Find More Suitable Presents for Father’s Day?

Everything but Flowers has countless suitable options for Father’s Day. In addition to the items we already mentioned, there are countless other presents such as novelty gifts, wines, beers, whiskeys, hampers, and much more.

Need more inspiration for Father’s Day? Or do you have any questions about our available presents? Be sure to contact Everything but Flowers for some additional information today.