Introducing Personalised gifts for men! He's an individual and not just any gift for him will do; which is why we've curated Australia's best range of personalised men's gifts so you're guaranteed to find something perfectly matched to his style and your budget.

Never Choose the Wrong Men’s Gift Again! Check Out the Suggested Top Gifts from Everything but Flowers!

Everything but Flowers has an incredible collection of gifts, which often helps customers find that one perfect present for their recipient. We have a large range of personalised gifts, but also novelty options that will leave your recipient smiling. Check out our guide below to determine the best gift choices for your recipient.

What Are Some Men’s Top Gift Ideas?

The best ideas for your recipient usually depend on the personal preferences of your recipient, but there are some exceptions when it comes to personalised items. If you do not know the preferences of your recipient, then you can never go wrong with a personalised present, which is cherished forever.

Men’s Personalised ‘Oxford’ Leather Wash Bag

One of the bestselling personalised items for men is the Men’s Personalised ‘Oxford’ Leather Wash Bag. The Men’s Personalised ‘Oxford’ Leather Wash Bag is made from high-quality leather and contains the monogram of your recipient. Simply add the monogram to the designated field before checking out.

Men’s Personalised Leather Photo Keyring

If you are on a budget, but still want to obtain a personal gift for your recipient, you could choose the Men’s Personalised Leather Photo Keyring. The Men’s Personalised Leather Photo Keyring is also made from the finest leather and contains the monogram of your recipient. There is even a space for a special small photograph, so even the budget-friendly option will be greatly appreciated by your recipient.

What Are Some Men’s Popular Gift Ideas?

Some men’s gifts are more popular than others at Everything but Flowers. To ensure you have immediate access to our bestsellers, we have created an overview with our top two below.

The Slider Mini Burger Press

Our Slider Mini Burger Press is the most sold item at Everything but Flowers, which means this delightful kitchen gadget is an amazing present for most Australian men. Of course, this burger press is most popular amongst men with a love for barbecue or cooking.

The Slider Mini Burger Press from our collection is designed to press four mini burgers at once. It has an ergonomic design, which ensures your recipient does not experience any hand strain, even after pressing dozens of burgers.

The James Squire Ale Hamper

Our James Squire Ale Hamper is an outstanding choice for your recipient too, since this hamper contains some amazing beers from the James Squire brewery. The hamper also contains a lot of gourmet treats, which complement the premium flavours of the beers. Therefore, if your recipient is a beer lover, the James Squire Ale Hamper is not going to be forgotten.

What Are the Best Gift Ideas for Men on Their Birthday?

Do you still require some inspiration for your recipient? No problem, since there are many other presents you could consider for a birthday. If you want to come up with the most original option this year, be sure to choose one of our two options below.

The Infusion Smoker & Wood Chip Set

Is your recipient crazy for smoky flavours? Then you simply must add the Infusion Smoker & Wood Chip Set to his birthday gifts. With this set, your recipient can add a smoky flavour to almost any food, so he never has to miss out on his favourite smoky flavours again.

The Belgian Waffle Maker

If your recipient has a sweet tooth, but also some cooking skill, you could consider something a little more intricate for his birthday. One such an intricate option is the Belgian Waffle Maker, a genuine Belgian Waffle Maker that can create those brilliant and unforgettable Belgian waffles.

What Can Be an Ideal Gift for Men?

To get the ideal gift for your recipient, it is often best to combine his personal preferences with appropriate gifts from our collection. Of course, there are many options, so it could help to narrow it down a little based on the preferences he has.

At Everything but Flowers, customers can find numerous categories that could line up with your recipient’s personal preferences. Available categories at Everything but Flowers includes accessories, beer & BBQ, books, experiences, hampers, home & outdoor, novelty, and personalised. Not quite sure which of these categories is best? You can always fall back on personalised gifts for an unforgettable gift.

How to Choose the Best Personalised Presents?

Choosing top personalised presents is easier than you might think, since you usually buy sentimental presents for people you know quite well. To find the top personalised presents for your recipient, it is recommended to combine your knowledge of your recipient’s personal preferences with some of the most popular sentimental presents out there.

Customers who do not know where to start looking for their top personalised presents, can get some inspiration from our overview below, which contains the top personalised presents for men and for women. So, be sure to read on to discover some amazing sentimental presents for your recipient.

What Are the Best Personalised Presents for Men?

The best personalised presents for men are easier to find than you might think. Below, we have listed some of the most popular options at Everything but Flowers and Australia in general, which should give you some instant inspiration for your recipient.

A Personalised Hip Flask

One of the options for a male recipient is a personalised hip flask. Since many men like the occasional liquor drink, a good personalised hip flask enables them to always have their favourite drink on hand.

At Everything but Flowers, customers can find several hip flasks that may be suitable for your recipient; this includes a beautiful gold-plated flask or a designer hip flask from designer Ted Baker.

A Personalised Bottle of Whisky

Another popular option for Australian men is a personalised bottle of whisky. Some gift stores will provide you with engraving options on various gifts; this includes Everything but Flowers. Some of these options are readily available in our catalogue, while others must be requested by contacting our store.

Personalised Leather Accessories

There are countless leather accessories that are appreciated by men nowadays; this includes watches, wallets, and other products that could be made from a leather material. At Everything but Flowers, customers can acquire such personalised accessories, since our range contains leather items that can be personalised with the initials of your recipient.

Why Do Personalised Presents Make the Best Gifts?

Personalised presents are often best because they have meaning behind them. When you give a non-personalised gift, it will be appreciated too, but there is something truly special about a personalised present.

Choosing a personalised gift for your recipient also shows your recipient that you put some serious thought into your gift. Giving a personalised gift to your recipient also ensures that your recipient will treasure their gift for a long time, opposed to non-personalised gifts which tend to be discarded over time.

How Can I Easily Find Personalised Gifts at Everything but Flowers?

At Everything but Flowers, customers can find countless personalised gifts for men and women. To save you time, Everything but Flowers takes care of the personalisation, so all you must do is order your gift from our store.

To find the personalised gifts at Everything but Flowers quickly, enter the search word “personalised” in the search window on top of the website. After you execute your search, you will see all the available personalised gifts for men and women at Everything but Flowers.


Everything but Flowers provides many other useful guides, which can help customers pick the perfect gift for their recipient. If you have not found what you are looking for yet, be sure to check out some of these other guides for additional ideas.

Customers can also contact the team at Everything but Flowers! Our team has years of experience and could provide you with some recommendations based on the information you provide to us. So, get in touch with our team today for some great ideas!