Grumpy Cat Plush

Cuddle up to the internet star of Memes and photographs!

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Tardar Sauce, the feline star better known as Grumpy Cat, took the world by storm in 2012. She even has her own movie! It’s difficult not to love Grumpy Cat’s signature look of disapproval. GUND, famous for their plush toys, has now captured that disapproval in a loveable, huggable, grumpy plush.

This Plush Grumpy Cat stands 23 cm tall, which is the perfect size for cuddling, a grumpy display, or just playing. The plush is made of high quality materials, sure to please even the grumpiest of cats! It’s appropriate for children ages 1 and up. The Grumpy Cat Plush makes a novel gift for children and adults alike.

Give as a birthday, Christmas, or anytime gift. And for the real Grumpy Cat enthusiast, we suggest pairing this plush with A Grumpy Guide to Life, filled with disgruntled and uninspiring observations, sure to please the gift recipient.

Don’t forget to personalise your gift using our premium gift-wrapping service by choosing from a variety of customisable options and cards. It’s perfect for sending a special or even grumpy message! We offer free-shipping Australia-wide on all orders over $99.

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