Beautiful Poetry Of Donald Trump

A truly unique and hilarious coffee table book!

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Most of us were sceptical at the end of 2015, when Donald Trump declared, “I'm very highly educated. I know words. I know the best words!” But, perhaps this book will prove that he was right all along!

In making The Beautiful Poetry of Donald Trump, Rob Sears delved deep into the speeches, statements, and tweets of ‘The Donald”, rearranging the words to reveal a sensitive, profound, and insightful lyricist buried somewhere underneath that famous orange comb-over.

Covering anything from how he feels about the singer Cher to his unique interpretation of the concept of truth, this book provides 144 pages of side-splitting laughter, and a truly distinctive piece for the coffee table. Browse through our full selection of novelty books, and receive free-shipping, country-wide, on all orders totalling $99 or more!

Dimensions: 226 x 142 x 20 mm


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