How To Swear Guide

Packed with hilarious infographics and diagrams!

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As you may have heard, recent studies have indicated that casual swearing can be a sign of intelligence! But, yelling expletives when we knock our shin doesn’t count… Mastering the art of profanity requires that we use it fluently and effectively to colour our language. With that in mind, it’s never been more important for us to brush up on our knowledge of curse-words!

Luckily, graphic artist and swearing enthusiast, Stephen Wildish, is here to show us the way, with his hilarious book, How To Swear: An illustrated guide. In this 192 page hardback, he employs the use of diagrams and flowcharts to teach us all how to cuss in a way that would make Gordon Ramsey blush. From swearing to express the full range of emotions, to constructing an unbeatable insult; this book has it all!

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