Homer's Odyssey, Unofficial Guide

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Name a more iconic American family than The Simpsons... Those dysfunctional yet hilariously relatable four-fingered friends of ours have graced our screens for 28 years and counting. But, as any long-term fan knows, the golden years of The Simpsons were undoubtedly the ‘90s. And this fantastic book by Mitch Grinter and Brendan Dando pays tribute to those classic episodes in hysterical and intelligent fashion.

In this 304 page hardcover, the authors perform an entertaining in-depth analysis of the best Simpsons episodes of all time; from Last Exit to Springfield (Lisa Needs Braces) to Homer at the Bat (Mr. Burns’ Softball Team). The book is also jam-packed with incredible trivia and fun-facts, hidden gags, and details of celebrity cameos and the many unforgettable musical numbers.

An essential companion for any Simpsons fanatic, that’ll help them see their favourite episodes in a whole new light. Dimensions: 220 x 151 x 29mm.

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