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Do you know someone who grew-up with Enid Blyton’s books? They’ll no doubt have fond memories of reading about the adventures of The Famous Five. Well, they can now re-live those memories, accompanied by a solid dose of adult humour, with Bruno Vincent’s hilarious parody series, which imagines what adventures the Five might have as grown-ups.

In this instalment, the Five visit their neglected Granny Bernard, for the first time since she re-married. They decide that the best way for them to make amends for their absence is to get Gran online, and set her up with internet banking and an iTunes account. But, in typical fashion, they encounter a few technical difficulties, eventually finding a saviour in the toddler from next door.

This 112 page hardcover is a funny read that any adult will relate to – but past Enid-Blyton readers will particularly enjoy the nostalgia!

Dimensions: 209x149x14 mm

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