Rock, Paper, Scisscors, Bomb Playing Cards

This Classic with a Modern Twist is the Bomb!

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Everyone plays or has played Rock, Paper, Scissors. It’s ubiquitous. Even as adults, we sometimes find ourselves joining in the fun, just hoping to win two out of three. But what if this classic game could be even better? With these Rock, Paper, Scissors, Bomb Playing Cards, it can! This card game contains the three usual suspects, but with the addition of four ‘bomb’ cards. These cards are lucky to get, but not so lucky in the hands of the opponent!

The game can accommodate two players. The cards are illustrated by Mads Berg and measure 11.5 x 7cm. 41 cards total.

This awesome novelty game is all about competition, luck, and rising tensions. So by the end of the game, each player will be sitting on the edge of their seat!


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