Rock, Paper, Scisscors, Bomb Playing Cards

This Classic with a Modern Twist is the Bomb!

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Everyone plays or has played Rock, Paper, Scissors. It’s ubiquitous. Even as adults, we sometimes find ourselves joining in the fun, just hoping to win two out of three. But what if this classic game could be even better? With these Rock, Paper, Scissors, Bomb Playing Cards, it can! This card game contains the three usual suspects, but with the addition of four ‘bomb’ cards. These cards are lucky to get, but not so lucky in the hands of the opponent!

The game can accommodate two players. The cards are illustrated by Mads Berg and measure 11.5 x 7cm. 41 cards total.

This awesome novelty game is all about competition, luck, and rising tensions. So by the end of the game, each player will be sitting on the edge of their seat!

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Can you tell me more about this gift?

If you haven’t got a coin to hand for heads or tails, or a straw to pull the short straw, make decisions easily and take this pocket-sized game wherever you go. Illustrated by Mads Berg, this Classic game with a modern twist is the Perfect gift for a competitive friend or family member. It is a two player game that includes the classic rock, paper and scissors as well as Four extra bomb cards. Never argue about whose turn it is to choose food or what to watch, the decision about who makes the decision can easily be solved. Test your luck, solves dilemmas and settle debates with this super fun and ultra-competitive card game from Everything but Flowers.

Who would appreciate this gift?

Well, just about anyone really! The game of Rock, Paper, Scissors is a classic around the world, and this could make the perfect gift for a family member or friend who enjoys competitive fun. If you are searching for Christmas gifts for girlfriend or Christmas gifts for boyfriend, this is also an excellent way of coming to an agreement on those important decisions. Whether it is deciding on the restaurant, movie, or show to binge, this quick and simple game will solve the problem in no time at all. This would also make great Christmas gifts for teenagers and is in our top Christmas gifts 2018 for tweens. Kids and grownups alike will appreciate this fun and thoughtful gift!

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