The Mid-Life Crisis Ladybird Book

Understand The Crisis. Then Laugh.

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It’s all over. The dilemma of the Mid Life Crisis will never be the same again, thanks to this hilarious book from the Ladybird Adult Book range. The Mid Life Crisis is an hilarious look at how to survive that strange phenomenon that seems to engulf most people during their life.

Featuring classic children’s book imagery from Ladybird’s original children’s readers range, coupled with witty narrative written by Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris, when it comes to novelty gifts to inspire, then this is sure to be it. Inspire or entertain, it’s all the same thing really, so when it comes to funny gift ideas, this one is sure to be a winner.

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Mid-Life Crisis Ladybird Book

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What is the best way to deal with crisis, especially the dreaded mid-life crisis? Laughter – lots of it!
The Mid-Life Crisis Ladybird Book is definitely a gift that will make anyone laugh his/her heart out. As to why he created it, author Joel Morris said that he wants to help adults “make sense of the world”. More than a hearty laugh, this book will give invaluable lessons and ways to cope with the world as one ages.

What is the Mid-Life Crisis Ladybird Book?

Do you know someone who is well into their 40s and would need some colour and cheer in life? The Mid-Life Crisis Ladybird Book by Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris is a 56-page novelty hardback picture book. It is one of eight Ladybird humour titles designed for adults. The picture book has both text and picture, and is crafted in retro style. This book contains humorous chronicles that will surely make anyone relax and just laugh off the dreaded mid-life crisis.
Ladybird books is a London-based publishing company known for creating well-loved children's books. In 2015, they announced that they would be publishing a series of books for adults while retaining the style of their classic children's books.

The Mid-Life Crisis Ladybird Book: An Outstanding Christmas Present

With its simple and informative tone, large script and illustrations, the Mid-Life Crisis Ladybird Book chronicles the typical stories of midlife. Unrealised dreams, grim yet funny realisations, and bleak acceptances are some of the themes of this outstanding and one-of-a-kind book.
The well-observed chronicles and snippets in this book are easy to read. At the onset, they are funny and witty, but as you read along, you'll find that the book speaks of larger truths about life and growing old.
A present for anyone in his or her middle age, it can either make someone break into tears or roll with laughter. Either way, this Christmas present will surely make a mark on anyone. The Mid-Life Crisis Ladybird Book is an ideal Christmas present, as well as the perfect Kris Kringle present if you’re looking for something to read and enjoy.

Where Can You Order the Mid-Life Crisis Ladybird Book?

The Mid-Life Crisis Ladybird Book will surely appeal to any grown-up. Each page has a charming illustration that is akin to children's books, making it a nostalgic reading experience for your lucky gift recipient. No matter who you are giving it to, it is perfect or anyone's bookshelf, coffee table, or living room.
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