Fun novelty gifts!

What could be a better way to spread joy than to give the gift of laughter? Look no further than this special gallery of premium rib-tickling novelty goodies that are sure to shoo the grey clouds away on any day. From parody books and prankster must-haves to fashionable doodads and playful domestic tools, Everything But Flowers guarantees that each unique gift will bring a smile or a smirk to the face of your loved one.

Novelty Gifts Your Recipients Will Love

Laughter is the best medicine and one way to take away those Monday blues is to give your beloved office-bound dude a pair of funky cufflinks. Each twosome features playful designs like poker chips, retro cubes, spanners, fire extinguishers, 8 balls, dice, hot and cold faucets, and many others. Add a shot of chuckles to morning coffees with a Grenade Mug or a Toilet Mug. A Hole Punch puncher, a Millennium Plasma Ball or a Tooth Toothbrush Holder can perk up any drab corner on the office table or bathroom sink.

Fans of the internet meme star Grumpy Cat will find the Grumpy Cat Plush irresistibly huggable despite its eternal yet adorable frown. Perfect for weekend reading, the hardback book ‘Grumpy Cat - A Grumpy Guide to Life’ offers demotivational insights about life to help living beings get in touch with their inner grouch.

For your mate who is fond of celebrating life's ups (and downs) with a shot or two, our innovative drinking paraphernalia such as a Shot Roulette, Alcohol Shot Gun, Beer Pong, Cowboy Boot Shot Glasses, Drinking Dartboard, Happy Man Bottle Opener and Bottle Stopper, are a great way to jumpstart any party.

Who says barbecue lighters can't be cool conversational pieces while being functional at the same time? With true-to-life designs like a Cordless Drill, Pipe Wrench, Screw Driver, Spanner, Trout or Blue Marlin, something as simple as firing up the pit or the oven can be an extra special step in the cooking process. The ‘Baking Bad’ spoof recipe book is designed to ignite exciting conversations at the kitchen island. Adding an extra dose of humour in the kitchen is easy with fanciful tools like the BBQ Rock Spatula which is shaped like an electric guitar, as well as the Condiment Gun or Stand Clear Man Cooking Oven Mitt.

If you know someone who has had a hard time sticking to their diets, the World's Easiest Diet Kit may not be the solution; however it is a whimsical reminder to keep things light and fun. The kit contains a spoon with a hole and a blunt fork, which will give them no choice but to eat smarter.

Tea hour can be a great time for a tickle or two with a Dunkin' Monkey Tea Infuser. The Christmas Cookies Mug from Australian-owned Ashdene comes with a loose leaf tea infuser, a thoughtful and cute gift option for Kris Kringle.

We know that having a great sense of humour can be very sexy. So you can cheer up your dateless pals by giving them a Pop-Up Inflatable Doll. It comes in either female or male versions, doesn't talk, and is disposable, a convenient feature when things get awkward. And for those with real human partners, Furry Love Cuffs or Ring Bell for Sex bell can spur some kinks during bedtime plays.

Tricksters, young and old, will be delighted to add any of our premium range of gag toys to their collection such as the Inflatable Zimmer Frame, the World's Smallest Laser Guns, WTF Slammer Button, and the ‘Is This A Hotel?’ Door Knob Sign. The Remote Controlled Whoopee Cushion, which can trigger farting noises from 15 meters away, is a must-have device for the professional prankster.

Whimsical Peter Pan types will be proud to own a Lightsabre or a pair of Taxi Talk Walkie Talkies, as well as practice their hand-eye coordination skills with the Juggling Balls, something to add to their growing list of party tricks.

The Gentleman's Ball Scratcher is a highly-specialised personal tool designed like a delicate female hand to reach those deliciously itchy intimate parts. The Arse/Face Soap removes any doubt as to which side is reserved for which body part.

We also have a selection of entertaining books that include parody guides, mischievous coffee table staples and trivia-infused gems that are guaranteed to tickle anyone's fancy.

Don'ts For Husbands and Don'ts For Wives are faithful facsimile editions of the generations-old books originally published in England in 1913. The amusing advices to be found in these books still ring amazingly true today.

‘Molvanîa’ is an entertaining caricature of travel books featuring a fictional country somewhere in the backwoods of Europe. This bestselling fictitious guide gives readers ludicrous informative tips such as paying extra at restaurants for a waiter with a moustache.

‘Good Night Darth Vader’ is the third book in the series of New York Times bestseller favourites by Jeffrey Brown that highlights the Sith Lord's parenting skills to his rambunctious twins, Luke and Leia.

The newest instalment of the hot-selling Porn For Women series, ‘Porn For The Working Mom’, is filled with coloured glossy pages of hunks pushing afternoon dessert carts, giving office pedicures, and replacing ink cartridges, among the 40 seductive scenarios that the modern day woman with a 9-5 schedule will truly appreciate.

‘Man Caves’ is dedicated to the Australian cultural phenomenon of the shed and the men who inhabit them. It features 50 of the best of these masculine sanctuaries and gives light to their contemporary historical importance.

Sports fans will be delightfully entertained while browsing through the pages of ‘The Golf Miscellany’ for fascinating facts and figures on everything golf, or learning ‘How to Become A Poker Queen’ written by international high-level poker player Rebecca McAdam.

Zombies Have Issues is filled with colourful painted panels by Greg Stone depicting the relatable daily struggles of zombies in a world made for the living. ‘You Might Be A Zombie And Other Bad News’, from the comedy geniuses at, is an enjoyable collection of fun and thought-provoking trivia.

What Are the Top Novelty 18th Birthday Presents?

For an 18th birthday, it is certainly not a bad idea to choose one of our many novelty gifts. The novelty gifts at Everything but Flowers are quite divers and include items such as themed mugs, beach games, novelty barbecue tools, tech, gadgets and loads more. So, if you are looking for top novelty presents for an 18th birthday, you are bound to find it at Everything but Flowers.

What Are Some Novelty Kris Kringle Present Ideas?

At Everything but Flowers, customers can also find some unique Kris Kringle gifts. Some of these novelty Kris Kringle presents include neon lights, novelty books, retro speakers, game sets, and much more. If you are looking for something original for the holiday season, the range of novelty gifts from Everything but Flowers is bound to contain that one special present.

What Are Some Novelty Present Ideas for Men?

Everything but Flowers has some stunning novelty presents for male recipients, so if you need something truly original, we certainly suggest having a look at the unique presents available at Everything but Flowers. Some of our novelty presents for men include the Award Toilet Brush, “The Official Guide to Darts”, Luxury Gold-Plated Playing Cards, and other novelty presents that could appeal to many Aussie blokes. Check out our collection today and get familiar with our amazing novelty presents!

If you would rather give your dearest the freedom of choosing their own one-of-a-kind gift, our $75 Gift Voucher will definitely rock it. This exclusive gift from Everything But Flowers lets the receiver choose from among our delightful selection of high-quality products. Any left-over amount can be stored in the recipient's account for up to 12 months.

Some special occasions require a funny gift, especially if your recipient is someone who likes to see the fun side of things. Even though there are many novelty gifts to be found online, it can still be hard to find something that matches your recipient perfectly. However, Everything but Flowers has a range of novelty gifts that is suitable for most recipients, enabling you to get quick access to the good stuff without having to browse hundreds of useless items first.

The key to good novelty gift is making sure they are functional, so not only a funny thing to look at. This is exactly how Everything but Flowers created their collection of gifts, because our novelty range contains fun items that are still remarkably functional. When you shop from the novelty range at Everything but Flowers, you can expect delightful gifts such as cufflinks, smartphone speakers, drinking games, themed coffee mugs, movie decals, novelty books and so much more. So, if you are still searching for that perfect novelty gift for your recipients, be sure to consider any of the novelty gifts from Everything but Flowers!