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Novelty gifts could be used for a variety of special occasions; this includes birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, and much more. If you are looking for novelty gifts for any of these special occasions, you are in the right place at Everything but Flowers. Check out some recommendations below to find the best novelty gifts for your recipient!

Novelty Gifts

What Novelty Gift Should I Buy for the Intellectual at Everything but Flowers?

When buying a novelty gift for an intellectual, you can never go wrong with a novelty book. Even though intellectuals tend to own numerous books already, it is unlikely they own the novelty books in the collection of Everything but Flowers.

One of the novelty books we recommend for the intellectual recipient is “100 Reasons to Panic About Getting Old”. The book takes a fun look at some of the ways our character changes as we get older; for example, yelling at neighbourhood kids. It is therefore an excellent book for milestone birthdays.

What Novelty Gift Should I Buy for Someone with an Unusual or Dark Sense of Humour?

Finding a novelty gift for someone with a dark sense of humour is often more difficult, because most funny gifts seem too mellow for them. Fortunately, you can count on Everything but Flowers and a gift such as Cards Against Humanity.

Cards Against Humanity is one of those games that many people are embarrassed of playing. Furthermore, they even feel guilty when laughing during the game; this because the game contains cards with some naughty and rude words! Still, any recipient with a great sense of humour will enjoy this unusual card game.

What Novelty Gift Should I Buy for a Homemaker from Everything but Flowers?

There are some fun novelty gifts for homemakers at Everything but Flowers, and some of these even prove surprisingly functional. Even though you do not have to pick something functional, we are sure that a homemaker could get some use out of such a gift.

One of the functional novelty gifts for homemakers is the Hot Mama Oven Cleaner. This useful oven cleaner is made with a mum design, which starts steaming when she gets a little too hot under the collar. To use this oven cleaner, simply add a mixture of salt and vinegar and put in the oven on 100 degrees Celsius. It’s as easy as that.

What Novelty Gift Should I Buy for Teens at Everything but Flowers?

At Everything but Flowers, we do not only provide novelty gifts for adults, because we also have a fun range of novelty gifts for children and teens. These novelty gifts are quirky and fun, but sometimes functional too.

One of the novelty gifts for teens that is quite popular at Everything but Flowers is the Unicorn Pencil Holder. As the name suggests, this gift is a pencil holder made in a unicorn design. It enables to keep a teen’s desk organised, so it is certainly a good choice for anyone who wants to make a teen a little more organised.

What Novelty Gift Should I Buy for a Movie Fanatic from Everything but Flowers?

There are some movie-themed novelty gifts at Everything but Flowers too, which are more than suitable for anyone with a passion for movies. One of your choices is a set of Dart Vader & Stormtrooper Tin Wind-Up Toys!

The Dart Vader & Stormtrooper Tin Wind-Up Set contains two large figurines. One figurine is designed in the likeness of Dart Vader, while the other is made in the likeness of a Stormtrooper. Each figurine contains a wind-up mechanism, which also make these figurines fun toys to play with. Of course, they are also collector’s items for anyone who is a fan of the Star Wars franchise.

What Novelty Gift Should I Buy for a Gambler from Everything but Flowers?

One of your options for a gambler is a nice game set. One of the sets available at Everything but Flowers is the Games Room Poker Set; this includes 200 poker chips, dealer button, 2 card decks, and player instructions.

The Games Room Poker Set is a suitable choice for beginning poker players, but also for experienced poker players. It is a fun set to use on game nights, but also causally with friends and family. So, this poker set could be a good gift choice for almost any occasion.

Where Can I Get More Inspiration for Novelty Gifts at Everything but Flowers?

Do you need more inspiration for novelty gifts before you can choose a present from Everything but Flowers? To see additional options that could be suitable for your recipient, please head over to the novelty section on the main menu. There, you can find suitable novelty gifts for adults, but also for teens and kids!