L’Occitane Men’s Cédrat Shower Gel

Perfect Formulated for His Body & Hair

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He’ll start his day perfectly ever day with the L’Occitane Cedrat Shower Gel. This vibrant, nourishing shower gel features organic Corsican Cedrat extract and has been formulated perfectly by L’Occitane to invigorate, energise and nourish his skin. This world-renowned brand carefully select only the most amazing ingredients and the rare Cedrat fruit has been a favourite of their men’s skincare range.

Featuring a citrus and woody aroma, the 250ml L’Occitane Cedrat Shower Gel offers the convenience of cleansing both body and hair. With invigorating and refreshing results on his skin, and a formulation that will leave his hair supple and shiny, it’s sure to be the favourite part of his day.

Everything But Flowers are Australia’s best destination for men’s gift ideas, and we love the quality that L’Occitane offers and we’re sure he will too.

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Good Father’s Day Presents You Should Grab for Father’s Day

Everything but Flowers has a good range of good Father’s Day presents, so we can certainly provide you with some wonderful Father’s Day present ideas. To get some inspiration, why not check out our range of exquisite Father’s Day present ideas below, which have been compiled by our team of experts.

What Is the First Father’s Day Present I Should Grab for Dad This Year?

One of our first Father’s Day present ideas you cannot pass on is the L’Occitane Men’s Cedrat Shower Gel. L’Occitane is one of the most popular brands in our range of Father’s Day present ideas, since this brand is known to deliver the highest quality products.

The L’Occitane Men’s Cedrat Shower Gel from this overview of Father’s Day present ideas is specifically made for a man’s skin. The citrus inside this formula leaves the skin refreshed, while also providing a cleansing effect that prevents clogged pores and problems stemming from clogged pores. So, this is a shower gel your dad will love to use.

What Is the Second Father’s Day Present I Should Grab for Dad This Year?

Another amazing present from our first Father’s Day presents catalogue is the Glenmorangie 10-Year Original with Whisky Tumblers. The Glenmorangie 10-Year Original from our first Father’s Day presents range contains more than just an average whisky, because this option contains a genuine bottle of Glenmorangie Original.

The Glenmorangie Original from our range of first Father’s Day presents is the flagship whisky of the Glenmorangie distillery. The whisky is distilled in Scotland’s tallest stills, so whisky lovers can count on a smooth drop on Father’s Day.

Our Glenmorangie hamper from the first Father’s Day presents catalogue also comes with a lovely selection of gourmet nibbles. So, dad will not only enjoy a nice glass of Glenmorangie whisky on Father’s Day, he will also get to enjoy delicious gourmet treats. So, make sure to pick up your Glenmorangie hamper from our first Father’s Day presents range if this sounds like something your dad will enjoy.

What Is the Third Father’s Day Present I Should Grab for Dad This Year?

There are some interesting books in our range of good Father’s Day presents; this includes Fifty Places to Drink Beer Before You Die. This book from our good Father’s Day presents catalogue provides dad with the best beer locations around the world, which could certainly be interesting for dads who would love to experience some new beers.

Fifty Places to Drink Beer Before You Die from our good Father’s Day presents catalogue is written by Chris Santella. The book counts 224 pages, with each page containing a bucket load of information on beers. So, this guide is something that cannot be missing from the beer lover’s book collection.

What Is the Fourth Father’s Day Present I Should Grab for Dad This Year?

Do you want something extremely functional for dad? If so, you should surely look at the Felt Bedside Pocket, one of our most popular functional presents for Father’s Day.

The Felt Bedside Pocket is made to store essentials used in the living room or bedroom. It can easily store remotes, magazines, books, tablets, and phones, ensuring your dad can always find his essentials when he needs them most.

Everything but Flowers has more functional Father’s Day presents in addition to the Felt Bedside Pocket; this includes physical presents, but also experiences. If you want to make sure you have come up with the most original present for your dad, do not forget to browse through our entire range of Father’s Day presents.