Belvedere Vodka 1.75 Litre Illuminated Bottle

Smooth, Pure Distilled Vodka With Illuminating Bottle

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This is no ordinary gift – the stunning Belvedere Pure Vodka Illuminated bottle features not only some of the world’s finest vodka but spectacularly lights up at the press of a button.

Every drop of this pure vodka will be savoured . Made in small batches from pure artesian well spring water and Dankowskie Gold Rye, the unique distillation process occurs four times and the result is a smooth and flavoursome vodka that’s a favourite across the world.

The Belvedere Pure Illuminated Bottle brings joy not only through flavour, but also the unique illuminating bottle that adds an extra touch of radiance to any occasion. We think this gorgeous bottle of vodka makes the perfect gift for men who are celebrating one of life’s special moments, but if you know a lovely lady who enjoys a drop of vodka, then she’s going to be just as impressed.

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