Making a house a home can be a difficult job. Sometimes all it really needs is a few choice pieces to make it your own. With this in mind Everything But Flowers has come up with a wide selection of Homewares so that you can give your home its own personality. For bookworms, we have a pair of Bulldog Bookends that can really spice up a bookcase. Some men love to play video games, help them keep the time with the awesome Space Invaders Alarm Clock. Homewares are easy to come by at Everything But Flowers. 

Homeware Gifts for the Utilitarian Man

There are many things people consider when thinking of the right present to give. Some want to cater to interests and hobbies, while others go for gifts that give a good laugh. But perhaps the most fundamental consideration people more often than not go for is utility and need, to find things useful to the everyday lives of their families and friends. The same is particularly true when it comes to presents for men, who tend to be more simplistic and practical in their wants and needs. When it comes to utilitarian presents for men, there’s a wide range of categories to choose from. Why not consider giving him homeware items like the Davis & Waldwell Acacia Wood Chalk Board?

Men and Homeware: An Unlikely Pair

Homeware items may not be the first thing on your mind when it comes to finding presents for men that fit their everyday needs. After all, it’s not a common thing to hear ‘men’ and ‘house adornment’ in the same sentence. But who says men can’t enjoy flourishing up their abode with various pieces of unique homeware? It not only caters to their household needs, but also gives their home a touch and flavour of their own personality.

Davis & Waldwell Acacia Wood Chalk Board: A Combination of Utility and Ingenuity

The Davis & Waldwell Acacia Wood Chalk Board is a great piece of homeware to give as a present for men. It’s made from authentic acacia, a natural wood that has become a favourite material for kitchenware because of its durability and alluring wooden finish. While making a fine cutting board for use with every kitchen cutting need, it combines utility and ingenuity by incorporating a chalk board along its edge. This chalk board can be used for labelling different cheeses and breads laid out as appetisers, or as a simple but highly customisable canvas for designs and doodles, perfect for any social gathering or party.

About the Manufacturer: Davis & Waldwell

Davis & Waldwell specialises in designing and manufacturing quality kitchenware characterised by modern design trends. Their products cater to many cooking styles and needs such as cooking pans, appliances, baking implements, and barbeque materials, to name a few.

Mix Things Up With Other Homeware Items

Having cocktails and drinks at home with some friends and family? The Davis & Waldwell Acacia Wood Chalk Board can be paired with other homeware items like the Wine Aerator made by the same manufacturer, which allows the wine to mix with some air, greatly improving the taste. Great wine must be served in the best glasses, so you can also consider the Waterford Crystal Draper Pair (Mad Men Collection) for an elegant and classy experience. Homeware items like these are perfect presents for men.

Where to Get the Davis & Waldwell Acacia Wood Chalk Board and Other Homeware Items

The Davis & Waldwell Acacia Wood Chalk Board and other homeware items mentioned are all available at your convenience here at Everything But Flowers, your gift shop of choice in Australia. The next time you’re looking at presents for men, you’ll surely find something among the various items available. Here at Everything But Flowers, there is never a shortage of gift ideas for the next perfect present.