Martini Glass Set

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Stylish and sophisticated, these martini glasses will make a great addition to any bar or stemware collection. Crystal clear, you can pair them with both vintage and new chinaware. Along with martinis, Manhattans or other cocktails, use these cocktail glasses to serve small appetizers or desserts like a mousse or gourmet ice cream treats to guests.

This 4-piece martini set is a product of Royal Leerdam, a Dutch manufacturer of fine crystal, blown glassware, dinnerware and serveware. Buy these glasses today for a memorable birthday, anniversary or holiday gift. They also make the perfect gift for a wedding or new homeowner.

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Good Father’s Day Presents from our Home & Outdoor Range!

Customers can find many good Father’s Day presents in our home and outdoor range, which contains anything from classes to cool decorations for his office. Below, we have listed good Father’s Day presents you must consider for dad this year. So, if you need the best Father’s Day present ideas and a line-up of good Father’s Day presents, be sure to read the information below.

What Is the First Father’s Day Present from the Home and Outdoor Range I Should Consider?

One of our first good Father’s Day presents from the home and outdoor range is the Martini Glass Set. It is the perfect addition to a dad’s collection of drinking glasses, ensuring Father’s Day is characterised by lots of style and sophistication.

The Martini Glass Set in this overview of Father’s Day present ideas contains four beautifully crafted martini glasses. Each of the glasses has a crystal-clear finish, which makes the entire glass look a lot more sophisticated. In short, the perfect addition for a celebration with friends and family.

What Is the Second Father’s Day Present from the Home and Outdoor Range I Should Consider?

At Everything but Flowers, we have a bunch of Father’s Day present ideas that are remarkably functional. One of these functional Father’s Day present ideas is the Infusion Smoker & Wood Chip Set.

With the Infusion Smoker & Wood Chip Set from our overview of Father’s Day present ideas, dad can add a smoky flavour to almost everything. Simply take a deep bowl, add the ingredient, and turn on the smoker to add the smoky flavour to the ingredient. It is that simple.

What Is the Third Father’s Day Present from the Home and Outdoor Range I Should Consider?

Our next suggestion is one of our finest first Father’s Day presents, so if you do not know what to gift dad for his very first Father’s Day, then the following suggestion from our first Father’s Day presents catalogue will be perfect.

The Beer Connoisseur Set from our range of first Father’s Day presents is a popular gift in our catalogue. The set contains various beer glasses, suitable to serve the most outstanding craft beers. If your dad has a love for craft beers, then this Beer Connoisseur Set from the first Father’s Day presents range must be on your shortlist. Of course, Everything but Flowers also offers beers in the collection of first Father’s Day presents, so do not hesitate to look at our beer range if you wish to complement these gifts.

What Is the Fourth Father’s Day Present from the Home and Outdoor Range I Should Consider?

There are more functional Father’s Day presents available at Everything but Flowers, one of them being the Extra Large Bedside Gadget Pocket.

We all need a place where we can put remotes, books, phones, and tablets. The same applies to dads, who can get terribly annoyed when the remote gets misplaced. Fortunately, he does not have to worry about that problem anymore with the Extra Large Bedside Gadget Pocket, which keeps all his most-used possessions safe and organised.

The Extra Large Bedside Gadget Pocket can be hung over the sofa or over the bed, depending on your dad’s preferences. So, if he does not have something to organise his remotes and books, be sure to pick one of these pockets up from Everything but Flowers this Father’s Day.

What Other Home and Outdoor Presents Are Suitable for Father’s Day?

Everything but Flowers has a large range of home and outdoor presents that could be perfect for Father’s Day. Simply head over to the home and outdoor section under the “men” tab for some inspiration.