Stephanie Alexander Garden Pruners

Ash Wood Handles & High Quality Stainless

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Any gardener knows the value of a great pair of garden pruners, and if you're looking for the perfect gift for someone who loves gardening, then we know they'll be overjoyed with this set of Garden Pruners from Stephanie Alexander.

The Queen of garden and kitchen has created a range of products to help busy farmers have more fun in the garden. This 22cm set of pruners is crafted from gorgeous Ash Wood for the handles, and hard-wearing Stainless Steel for the blades.

Team these pruners with other items from the Stephanie Alexander range for the perfect gift for men, or gift for women who love to spend time in the garden.

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The Ultimate Father’s Day Presents for Gardeners!

Dads who love gardening are in for a real treat if you decide to shop at Everything but Flowers, because our men’s presents collection is packed with gardening tools and original experiences gardeners will love. Below, you will find some of our recommended men’s presents from this gardening range, so be sure to read on if your dad enjoys gardening.

Why Should I Choose the Stephanie Alexander Garden Pruners from the Men’s Presents Catalogue?

One of the designer gardening brands to be found in our men’s presents collection is Stephanie Alexander. Stephanie Alexander gardening tools from our Father’s Day presents catalogue are known for their superior quality, functionality, and beautiful design. So, our first suggestion should undoubtedly be some garden pruners from the Stephanie Alexander brand.

The Stephanie Alexander Garden Pruners from our men’s presents collection is beautifully crafted with the finest materials. For the handles, Stephanie Alexander used ash wood. For the blades, she used exquisite stainless steel to guarantee the durability of the pruners. Therefore, there are not many reasons why you would say no to the Stephanie Alexander Garden Pruners from our Father’s Day presents catalogue.

Why Should I Choose the V&A Trowel & Garden Fork from the Father’s Day Presents Range?

Customers looking for something different than the usual garden tools should certainly consider the V&A Hand Trowel & Garden Fork from our Father’s Day presents catalogue. The gardening tools in this set are inspired by artwork from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, so this is certainly different from the average gardening tools in garden centres.

The V&A Trowel & Garden Fork features a beautiful contemporary design, provided by a floral wallpaper artwork. Naturally, this design is obtained from the artwork in the London museum we mentioned, so this set certainly breaks the standard where gardening tools are concerned.

Customers who like the V&A Trowel & Garden Fork should also consider the matching V&A Gardening Gloves. These gloves are also available in the gardening range of Everything but Flowers.

Why Should I Choose the Stephanie Alexander Plant Pot Set from Everything but Flowers?

When the weather gets bad, it can be frustrating for a gardener, because the weather is depriving them from enjoying what they like the most – gardening. Fortunately, there are ways to grow some things inside the house, and one of these ways is delivered by the Stephanie Alexander Plant Pot Set.

The Stephanie Alexander Plant Pot Set consists of three galvanised pots and a matching drip tray. The pots inside the set are specifically designed for herb growing, so these pots are ideal for a mini herb garden in the kitchen. Of course, there could be other applications for these pots too, especially if your dad has a lot of gardening experience and knowledge.

Why Should I Choose the Preserving the Harvest Class in Victoria for Father’s Day?

Sometimes it can be a good idea to give dad something to get the most out of his harvest; for example, the Preserving the Harvest Class in Victoria. During this class, you dad can learn all about how to preserve, pickle, and even make jam.

With a Preserving the Harvest Class, your dad will explore some techniques on what to do with his harvest. The class teaches its participants about the use of natural preservatives; this includes salt, sugar, and vinegar. It also expands on creating certain products from a fresh harvest, so this class is undoubtedly interesting for gardening dads.

Why Should I Choose the Two-Day Organic Food Class from Everything but Flowers?

Is your dad interested in growing his crops in a more environmentally-friendly manner? If so, be sure to consider a Two-Day Organic Food Class as a Father’s Day present.

During a Two-Day Organic Food Class, your dad will get a true hands-on experience in Camp Mountain, Queensland, the location where the organic gardens are situated. Your dad will learn more about biodynamic gardening methods, but he will also get a true appreciation for the earth, animals, land and plants.

At Everything but Flowers, you can find gardening classes that can be followed from the convenience of your recipient’s home too. So, if your dad is not that willing to travel, you could consider one of our alternatives too.

Where Can I Find More Father’s Day Presents for Gardeners at Everything but Flowers?

Do you need more inspiration for a father who loves gardening? Head over to our gardening catalogue to uncover more possibilities! In our gardening catalogue, you can find countless gardening experiences, but many other gardening tools too.

Have a question about our gardening tools? Or do you need some suggestions from our team of experts? Contact the Everything but Flowers team through one of our many contact methods. Customers can contact us via email, but also by telephone and live chat.