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Men who like DIY and the great outdoors will definitely appreciate mens gifts from the mens home & outdoor gifts collection. This collection contains a variety of items, from cordless drills to meat blocks and natural wood sculptures. One thing is certain, you will find a lot of variety in this category.

DIY Gifts

Most men like their toys, so they tend to enjoy DIY tools and all types of things that can make their life easier and more efficient. It is no surprise that the mens home & outdoor gifts also contains a range of mens gifts that is a bit more unusual, but very functional at the same time.

One of the must haves that you will find in our range of mens gifts is the BBQ lighter that looks like a cordless drill. If the recipient loves to barbecue, then this will be one of the most original DIY gifts that you can give them.

Another great DIY gift in our mens gifts collection is the Ted Baker Multi Tool. Men like to be prepared, no matter where they are. This particular tool is a great gift for any man, because this is the type of gift that will last a lifetime.

Barbecue Gifts

The majority of men likes to barbecue, so we also incorporate plenty of barbecue items in our mens gifts categories. In our mens home & outdoor gifts, you will find plenty of unusual barbecue accessories and tools, something that the recipient will never forget.

Have a look at our unusual lighters, going from barbecue lighters with a screw driver and spanner design to the wrench barbecue lighter.

Our mens home & outdoor gifts also contain a number of hampers that can be used during a barbecue. If you intend to gift someone a hamper for a barbecue, we would like to recommend the Beers of Australia Hamper, containing loads of delicious beers and snacks especially for barbecues.

Gourmet Gifts

The mens home & outdoor gifts category also has plenty of items that are suited for the gourmet chefs amongst us. There is even room for oriental cooking with items such as the dumpling cooking sets or cutting boards.

If the recipient enjoy fine cuisine, do not forget to check out our cheese platters and delicious wines. We also have plenty of gourmet hampers that contain a variety of gourmet items, so you cannot go wrong with one of our gift hampers from the mens home & outdoor gifts collection.

Problems deciding?

Do you really have no idea on what to get someone? Then you can always count on the advice of our professional team. Our staff has years of experience in selecting the most original and most appreciated gifts, so they can definitely help you if you need some advice.

Customers can also take advantage of our luxurious gift vouchers and let the recipient decide which gift or gifts they want to get for themselves. This way you definitely cannot go wrong and you will present them with something they will appreciate the most!

When you are searching for good presents for the average Australian man, you will probably be looking in our home and outdoor gifts range. In this collection, our valued customers can find categories such as BBQ, Homewares and Kitchen, providing customers with immediate access to the best gifts for male recipients. It contains everything from BBQ accessories and utensils to home decorations and whisky glasses, so check this range if you are looking for a functional yet fun gift for a special occasion.

In addition to an extensive range of home and outdoor items, Everything but Flowers also has a range of experiences that could be gifted to your male recipient. Of course, if you decide to choose an experience, you may have to be familiar with the character and personal preferences of your recipient. For example, our adventurous experiences are more suitable for the adventurers under recipients, while gourmet experiences are ideal for foodies. However, if you are familiar with the preferences of your recipient, you could certainly take advantage of the large range of experiences, and maybe complement it with one of the homewares or BBQ items at Everything but Flowers!