Cape Mentelle Shiraz & Chardonnay Premium Gift Pack

Two Premium Wines from Western Australia

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Cape Mentelle was one of the first wineries to explore and take advantage of the Margaret River area in Western Australia. The diverse landscape and the lovely soil provides the perfect conditions for creating wines that are truly incredible, like the wine in this Cape Mentelle Shiraz & Chardonnay Premium Gift Pack. The Shiraz (750ml) was crafted with care to showcase and retain its pleasant intensity and its floral, spice, and fruit notes. And the Chardonnay (750ml) features a delightful complexity, complemented by a clean finish.

Among our many hampers and men’s gifts, you’ll find wonderful items for every holiday and every special occasion, like this Cape Mentelle Shiraz & Chardonnay Premium Gift Pack. Add this great gift to your Gifts Australia cart and personalise your present by using our deluxe gift-wrapping service.


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Discover Excellent Wines from the Birthday Presents Collection!

Everything but Flowers has an exquisite selection of wines this year, so there are loads of possibilities for male recipients who are fond of wine in our birthday presents catalogue. If you are curious about some of the wines hidden in our birthday presents catalogue, be sure to read on, because we are about to disclose the best wines for your wine-loving recipient.

Why Should I Choose the Cape Mentelle Shiraz & Chardonnay Premium Gift Pack?

The Cape Mentelle Shiraz & Chardonnay Premium Gift Pack is one of the finest wine selections in our birthday presents catalogue. It contains two of the finest wines from the Cape Mentelle winery, so this gift set from the birthday presents catalogue is a must-have for men who like good wine.

One of the wines found in the Cape Mentelle Shiraz & Chardonnay Premium Gift Pack is the award-winning Cape Mentelle Shiraz. The Cape Mentelle Shiraz was created to showcase some of the finer aspects of the Margaret River wine region, which means the result is a Shiraz with outstanding intensity, floral notes, spices and fruits. So, this complex wine from the mens presents range cannot be missing from the collection of a wine connoisseur.

In addition to the award-winning Cape Mentelle Shiraz, your recipient can also count on a delightful Cape Mentelle Chardonnay. Like the Cape Mentelle Shiraz, the Cape Mentelle Chardonnay features a wonderful complexity and a clean finish unmatched by other chardonnays from this wine region. Therefore, this bottle of wine makes the Cape Mentelle Shiraz & Chardonnay Set from our mens presents collection a must-have for all Australian wine lovers.

Why Should I Choose the 2014 White Gold Moscato from the Mens Presents Collection?

Our range of mens presents would not be complete without a selection of fine wines from the Australian Brown Brothers winery. One of the Brown Brothers wines in our mens presents catalogue is the 2014 White Gold Moscato, an elegant wine suitable to celebrate most special occasions.

The 2014 White Gold Moscato from our mens presents catalogue features several flavour layers; this includes a layer of spice and sherbet. The Gold Moscato also features a grape freshness that makes this a refreshing choice during warmer temperatures, especially when you consider the additional aromas of lemon, grape and honey accompanying this fine wine.

Naturally, the Brown Brothers 2014 White Gold Moscato comes in a stunning gift box, so there is no need to wrap this present for your recipient. However, customers can also count on a premium gift wrapping service provided by Everything but Flowers, just in case they want their wine gift to be even more special!

Why Should I Choose Australia’s Most Awarded Sparkling Wine in Gift Box?

The name of this product says it all, because this gift set contains the most awarded Australian sparkling wine, created by the Brown Brothers winery. It is an affordable choice, but a choice that does not compromise on quality and excellence.

Brown Brothers Sparkling Wine is made with several grape varieties; this includes chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier. The grapes are obtained from several cool climate vineyards, including the well-known King Valley vineyards and Victoria vineyards.

The Brown Brothers Sparkling wine is a shining example of finesse, elegance, luxury and lightness; this makes the wine perfect as an aperitif for a special occasion. Of course, you do not have to take our word for it, because James Halliday wine reviewer gave this excellent sparkling wine a whopping 93 points!

Why Should I Choose the Brown Brothers Red Wine Gift Pack?

Customers who do not know the wine preferences of their recipient can always fall back on the reliability of Brown Brothers, one of the best wineries in the country. Everything but Flowers has several options from this winery available, but the award-winning Brown Brothers Red Wine Gift Pack should certainly be a consideration.

The Brown Brothers Red Wine Gift Pack contains a Brown Brothers Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. The Cabernet Sauvignon is a multi-award-winning wine, winning bronze twice at the Melbourne Wine Show and other awards at numerous wine conventions and shows.

Of course, the Shiraz inside this gift set should not be underestimated either, because this Shiraz also has an award-winning status. So, whether your recipient prefers cabernet sauvignon or Shiraz, this wine set is bound to please.

What Other Wines Can I Find at Everything but Flowers for My Recipient?

Our range of wines is almost limitless, so be sure to check out the rest of our catalogue to uncover more options such as the Cape Mentelle Red & White gift Pack, the Cape Mentelle Shiraz & Chocolates, the Champagne Triple Treat and much more.

Of course, Everything but Flowers also provides a range of whisky and other liquors. So, if your recipient prefers something stronger, be sure to look out for them too!