People who are not entirely sure what to pick from our range of mens gifts, should definitely opt for our range of mens gift hampers. Each of our mens gift hampers contains a variety of hampers, so no matter what you choose there will definitely be something in there that the recipient will like.

Delicious Beers

The majority of our mens gifts contain beer and this is no different for our mens gift hampers. Beer is one of the most favourite gifts amongst men, so why not go for a delicious beer hamper that can be enjoyed for several weeks?

Most of our mens gift hampers will have a nice selection of typical Australian Beers, but you will also find mens gifts with international beers. Depending on the taste of the recipient, you can even go for a combination of snacks and beer!

High Quality Wines

Not everyone is crazy about beer, because some men prefer a delicious glass of wine. For that very reason we also incorporate various wines in our range of mens gifts.

In our mens gift hampers you will find a number of high quality and even awarded wine brands, including Brown Brothers and King Valley. The hampers that contain wine are often quite different from the beer hampers, because they tend to contain different types of snacks. For the wine hampers we tend to use chocolate and fine biscuits, while our beer hampers will contain more rugged snacks such as nuts and crisps.

Free Delivery on Mens Gift Hampers

When you take a look at our mens gift hampers, you will immediately notice that a number of our hampers are eligible for free delivery. Free delivery is not only possible for our mens gift hampers, but also for the other mens gifts we offer on our website.

If you want to take advantage of the free delivery service, your order needs to be at least $99. However, if your order does not come to this amount there is no need to worry. Our standard delivery charges are quite reasonable, even for the more bulky items. Everything but Flowers offers a standard delivery rate of $10.95. This rate is not influenced by the size or the weight of your purchase.

Gift Wrapping for Mens Gift Hampers

There is no need to use our gift wrapping section when you buy one of our mens gift hampers. All our mens gift hampers already come in a luxurious box that can be presented as is. This box is always displayed with the product itself, so you have a better idea of how the gift will look when you receive it.

Need Additional Advice?

Buying a gift for a man can be quite tricky sometimes and we understand this all too well. If you are experiencing any problems during your search for the perfect gift, do not hesitate to contact our friendly consultants. They will gladly offer you free advice on which gift to buy and provide you with the best possible solution.

Do you want to buy several gifts for a male recipient, but don’t have the time to wrap all those presents individually? Why not make it easier on yourself and choose one of the dedicated gift hampers for men available at Everything but Flowers? In our gift hampers for men, customers can find popular gifts including sparkling wines, chocolates, beers, nibbles, whisky and much more. So, if you have not found a good present, or are in doubt about the personal preferences of your male recipient, it is difficult to go wrong with one of the hampers for Everything but Flowers.

Customers who are quite familiar with the personal preferences of their recipient can search our range of hampers for specific products. For example, if your male recipient is fond of whisky, you could consider excellent hampers such as the Glenmorangie Whisky Tasting Hamper, the Ardbeg Quadrant Whisky Pack or the Hennessey Very Special Gift Set. If your recipient prefers beer over spirits, you could also gift him one of our beer or cider hampers, which includes some of the most popular beers and ciders in the world. Thus, your recipient will always be pleasantly surprised.