Work Tends To Ruin Your Day Book

Features Colourised Photos and Funny Captions

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The world seems so bright and full of possibility in the morning. Well, at least it seems that way for the split second just before we remember all of our obligations and responsibilities. Cath Tate’s book Work Tends To Ruin Your Day brings levity to office life with a collection of funny captions matched with colourised vintage pictures. For example, readers will enjoy captions like, “Meetings. A great alternative to work.” So true!

Hardcover Dimensions: 17 x 12.5cm. 112 pages.

This hilarious novelty book is a fantastic men’s gift for any guy that works in an office. Actually, it’s a great present for any man that works!

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Can you tell me more about this book?

Cath Tate is undoubtedly the queen of comedy greetings cards, and her wit and wisdom have earnt her an international reputation. Cath Tate’s hilarious book ‘Work Tends to Ruin Your Day’ is filled with hilarious captions and colourised vintage pictures.  Whether it is grim-faced old ladies, serious businessmen in top hats or bizarre looking kids, each of the pictures refers to all of the usual workplace problems.  This witty page-turner is bound to put a smile on your lucky gift recipient’s face, and they are sure to recognise all the usual work dramas that they know so well. If you are shopping for the perfect gift for someone who has just had enough of work, this wonderful book would be an ideal choice.

Who would appreciate this gift?

Well, anyone who has just about had enough of work really.  Cath Tate’s witty book could also be a great gift for someone who is just beginning their working life or someone who is retiring. Either way, they will undoubtedly recognise all of the ups and downs of the workplace that are featured. Whether you are shopping for your dad, mum, sister, cousin, colleague, or any other family member or friend, they will love receiving this hilarious book that will help to negotiate the world of the workplace. This could also be a great secret Santa gift for a colleague with a sense of humour, or a stocking stuffer for a business-minded parent. Whatever the occasion, the Work Tends to Ruin Your Day Book is an honest take on life in the office and is sure to make an awesome gift.

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