INSULTS Every Man Should Know

Unapologetic insults for when you need them.

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Insults Every Man Should Know is filled with slights and barbs for any and every occasion. In this hardcover book, we promise you’ll discover the world’s best digs. There are jibes for the office, taunts for sporting events, and insults about a person’s sexual skill. The book also includes insults from throughout human history. Because as long as people have existed, so has sharp-pointed wit.

Filled with comebacks, rude gestures, and mama-based smack talk, Insults Every Man Should Know is a book every man should have. Give it as a birthday, Father’s Day, or graduation gift to the man who would like a sharper tongue. Everything But Flowers has everything you need to be prepared for any situation!

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Insults Every Man Should Know Book

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But Kris Kringle is not always fun especially if you had the luck of picking out a name of a person with whom you are not really close with. Yikes! Will it not be awkward? What in the world are you going to give that person? Don’t fret because here at Everything But Flowers, we have got the best Kris Kringle Christmas presents for men and women of all ages.

Books for your Kris Kringle Christmas Presents

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Buying books as Kris Kringle Christmas presents may not be too common. Many people may opt to buy novelty gift items because they are new, unique, and above all, fun. But what if we tell you that here at Everything But Flowers, we have books which are funny which are super perfect for jokers and pranksters? Check out this entertaining book, Insults Every Man Should Know.

A Guide for People Who Like Having the Last Laugh

A pocket-sized book in a black hardcover, the Insults Every Man Should Know book is an ideal gift for men who seem to like leaving an impression on people. If you got the name of the prankster in your office or the clown in your gang, then stop thinking twice and put this book into your cart. He will surely enjoy all the slights and barbs which fill each and every page of this book. If you got the name of the timidest colleague or friend, this book can also be useful for him. With jibes categorised to be appropriately used on different occasions, your timid friend will surely learn a lot of things to say on different situations. May it be taunts for the office, or sporting events, and even jibes about a person’s skills during sexual intercourse, this book is filled with all of it.

Edited by Nick Mamatas and perfect as Kris Kringle Christmas presents, this book is filled with hard-hitting jabs for each and every occasion:

For when you are in a battle of trash talk:
          I don’t know what makes you stupid, but whatever it is, it’s really working.
And for when someone did not understand your jab:
          I refuse to enter a battle of wits with an unarmed man.

Aside from these hilarious and witty insults for someone’s intelligence and appearance, this book also includes jabs which you can use during daily conversations and informal meetings. What’s more is that it also includes slurs from throughout human history. It will amaze the reader how lethal wit has seemed to have already existed ever since the beginning of the human race. This is definitely one of the things which you should include in your Kris Kringle Christmas Presents list.

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