Whiskey Notes Book

Box Set: Journal, Note Book & Poster

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The only thing more enjoyable than drinking whiskey is writing about whiskey. With the Whiskey Notes Box Set, created by The Kings County Distillery, you can now delve deeper into your whiskey experiences, preferences, and ideas.

The Whiskey Notes Box Set comes with a hardback journal for tasting notes, a notebook for home distillers, and a fold-out poster depicting American Whiskey's family tree. Using this set,he'll learn more about his own whiskey preferences and will be able to compare your tasting notes over time. The set measures 13 x 2.3 x 21.6 cm.

Give this box set as a Father's Day, birthday, or Christmas gift to the whiskey enthusiast in your life. This is one of those men's gifts that stands out for its unique appeal.

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Take note with the Whiskey Notes Book!

Love a good whiskey? Always looking for new whiskies to taste? Keep track of your whiskey-based adventures with the wonderful Whiskey Notes: Tasting and Distilling Logbook. As you experience new whiskies and enjoy some of your old favourites, easily keep track of your observations and preferences in this lovely book.

This fantastic product is great for whiskey-lovers of all kinds. Even casual drinkers will love to keep track of their thoughts and whiskey-tasting experiences. Whiskey Notes contains a set of wonderful items: a whiskey tasting journal, a home distilling register with batch tags, and an American Whiskey Family Tree Poster. This collection of whiskey items is a great gift for dad!

Will I learn anything from this tasting journal?

We’re sure you’ll learn quite a bit from Whiskey Notes. As you track your experiences and take notes about whiskey tasting, you’ll become more familiar with your own preferences. You’ll learn what you like, what you don’t like, and how they relate to the way whiskey is made. Over time, you’ll refine your palate and your ability to taste whiskey.

So, how do I taste whiskey?

Tasting and judging whiskey is much like tasting wine. First, pour a bit of whiskey in a proper whiskey glass, swirl for a moment, then let it rest for one more moment. Now you’re ready to take a sniff. Write down what you smell. Then you can move on to the actual tasting. Take a sip of whiskey and move it around your mouth for a few seconds before swallowing.

Just after swallowing the whiskey, pay close attention to the flavours and characteristics that present themselves. This is called the palate. The flavours and the burn of alcohol will soon dissipate. During this time, resist taking another sip of whiskey, eating, or drinking, as you’re now experiencing the whiskey’s finish.

Throughout the process, take notes. Because everyone’s sense of taste is different, there are no wrong observations or ideas. Tasting whiskey can be as easy or as involved as you like!

Who or what is Kings County Distillery?

Whiskey Notes is brought to you by Kings County Distillery, the first whiskey distillery in the state of New York since the American prohibition. They’re passionate about making the best whiskey possible and want to give you the tools to enjoy and learn about this lovely drink.

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