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One of our best ever sellers! One can get quite confused early in the morning when soaping up all over while the shower runs nice and hot. Now you do not want lather from your backside ending up on your face and vicey-versey, because a man must have his standards. Everything But Flowers stuck brown and white soaps together and colour-labelled them so there is no possibility of confusion. We are Australia's premium gift website and carry over 1,000 gifts and novelties for all ages and occasions and offer free delivery for all orders greater than $99 Australia-wide.


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The Best Father’s Day Presents for Jokesters – Uncover Our Top Picks!

If your dad could be described as a jokester or a prankster, then the following suggestions from our men’s presents collection will be right up his alley. The following men’s presents are perfect for practical jokesters, but also for dads with a wicked sense of humour. So, read on to discover which men’s presents you should consider for your jokester dad.

Why Should I Choose the Arse/Face Soap from the Men’s Presents Catalogue?

Some men’s presents in the novelty section do not need a lot of explanation; this is certainly the case of the Arse/Face Soap.

As the name already indicates, the Arse/Face Soap is going to add some humour to shower time. With a clear inscription on the soap, your dad will never confuse the face and arse side of the soap again! In short, a delightful novelty gift that might prove surprisingly functional too!

Why Should I Choose the Adult Charades Game from the Father’s Day Presents Catalogue?

The Adult Charades Game from the Father’s Day presents catalogue is R-rated and a little naughty, so perfect for a dad with a dirty mind and a love for classic games. Naturally, you wouldn’t want to play this game with your parents though.

Our Adult Charades Game from our Father’s Day presents catalogue contains some suggestive and downright inappropriate cards, which will cause a lot of laughter when your mum and dad play some adult charades with their friends. Of course, we suggest you not being in the room when they play this game, because it might scar you for life! Still, Adult Charades from the Father’s Day presents catalogue is certainly a gift that will stand out from the rest!

Why Should I Choose the Insulting Parrot from the Father’s Day Presents Range?

There is something uniquely charming about an Insulting Parrot, especially for dads who have crude sense of humour and tend to swear a lot. For these dads, the Insulting Parrot is bound to give your dad a lot of laughter.

We do need to add a warning to this Insulting Parrot, because as the name suggests, the Insulting Parrot is quite rude. Of course, if your dad does not mind the occasional crude remark when it detects movement, then the Insulting Parrot is perfect for Father’s Day.

Why Should I Choose the Nanoblock Formula One Car from Everything but Flowers?

Is your dad someone who regularly enjoys formula 1 races? Does your dad also enjoy building things? Then you cannot say no to this gift set containing a Nanoblock Formula One Car.

The Nanoblock Formula One Car Set contains 400 little Nanoblocks. Together, these Nanoblocks form a beautiful formula 1 car, so it is well-worth putting in the time to put this car together. Each Nanoblock only measures 4 mm x 4 mm though, which means this Nanoblock Set is a little more complicated than the average Lego set.

Why Should I Choose 101 Drinking Games from Everything but Flowers?

Sometimes you just need to let your hair down with some fun drinking games, and what better time to do just that than on Father’s Day? Fortunately, Everything but Flowers has an excellent option available to you – 101 Drinking Games.

As the name of this unique game suggests, 101 Drinking Games contains an endless amount of drinking games. The set also includes some of the things you will need to do some of these drinking games; this includes an eye mask, ping pong ball, sand timer, drawing pad, playing cards, drinking game cards, pencils and straws. It also contains a rule book, so dad will know how to play the 101 Drinking Games this set provides.

Why Should I Choose the Mancave Neon Light from Everything but Flowers?

Is your dad getting his own mancave for Father’s Day? Or does your father already have a Mancave? In either case, be sure to add the Mancave Neon Light to your list of Father’s Day gifts.

With the Mancave Neon Light, your dad can add a little touch of Vegas to his special space. Of course, this makes the mancave perfect for some card games or gambling with friends, so be sure to add this light to the mix if your dad is likely to have some card nights.

Where Can I Find More Presents for Dads with a Good Sense of Humour?

At Everything but Flowers, there are more presents that will be appreciated by dads with a good sense of humour. So, if you have not found a good gift for your jokester dad in our overview today, be sure to head over to our novelty catalogue to uncover more options.

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