Ben & Holly Memory Cards Game

For Children Aged 3+ Years

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Need a way to entertain your children? Well now you can join Ben and Holly from Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom on a memory adventure! Concentrate to find two of the same character and you have a pair. Be the player with the most pairs and you win! Its the perfect way to pass time on a picnic, long road trip, or during holiday functions.

Ben and Holly Memory Cards provide fun for the whole family! Theyre recommended for children aged 3 and up, so the set makes a great birthday, Christmas, or travel gift for kids. And not only is this memory game entertaining, but challenges children to concentrate and exercise their memory muscles. Pair this gift with Peppa Pig Jumbo Wooden Dominoes and the Peppa Pig Colour Stack Game for extra fun!

We then recommend taking advantage of our premium gift-wrapping service, customising your gift with a variety of colour and card options. We have everything you need to say Happy Birthday to the lucky little boy or girl!

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Looking for some appropriate kids gifts for an avid reader?

There are kids who love to go outside and play. There are children who love to try new things and meet new people. And there are kids who just want a good book.

For the bookworms in your family, it can be easy (and tempting) to simply buy him or her some more books. Before you do this, try to think about how many books he or she already has, and how many of those books are still waiting to be read. Also be considerate of what genres the child likes.

So what about other kids gifts for the bookworm in your family?

Want to help feed their imagination?

A bookworm usually has a wild imagination. As they read, they can build whole worlds in their head, populate those worlds with wild characters, and see the story as it unfolds. You can encourage them to capture and express their imagination with a new notebook and pen. Or what about giving them a colouring book? These are great kids gifts to encourage creativity!

What about kids gifts for the dreamer?

Avid readers also tend to be dreamers. If they cant get lost in a book, they get lost in their own thoughts and daydreams. So why not help them daydream of travels with a new globe. Or consider give them the a puppet theatre. There they can act out their favourite scenes from their large collection of book, or they can lose themselves in the creation of their own scenes.

Are you planning a trip to the library?

The bookworm likely loves a good trip to the library. During trips to their favourite book emporium, theyll find book after book they want to bring home. So what about giving them a sturdy rucksack or backpack, just the right size for their new reading material!

And when they get home with new books, they might be ready to curl up with their books on the couch, in a hammock, or in bed and start reading. Give them some comfortable new loungewear, great for a lazy evening catching up on a long reading list.

Any other great kids gifts for an avid reader?

Nothing says you cant get a bookworm out of the house. Theyll probably like a change of scenery as much as you. So consider taking them on a picnic, for a hike, or out to the beach. Just dont forget to bring the book theyre currently devouring and maybe another one in case they finish the first!

And when in doubt

... you can never really go wrong with a book or bookmark. You could also give them a set of coloured pencils so they can begin to colour-code, annotate, and underline their favourite lines and paragraphs.