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They’ll spend hours of fun creative time developing everything from characters to entire stories with this fun Design a Superhero Comic Kit from Clockwork Soldier. This kit has been created to take a child from a journey of creating a basic character outline, right through to creating their very own comic strip and an entire comic book. Featuring a pack filled with everything they need, this is a wonderful gift for kids.

With a comic book, activity book, 3 x project activity sheets, 4 x graphic tracing sheets and a cardboard stencil sheet, this kit measures 31cm x 20cm and has been created with 7-12 year olds in mind. There’s nothing better than a gift for kids that celebrates their creative mind and helps them create something that celebrates their interests and hobbies.

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Clockwork Soldier Design a Superhero Comic

Are you one of the parents who are already at their wit's end trying to separate your child from their gadgets? Perhaps it is time for them to discover a new hobby that helps them discover and nurture their talent.

The holiday season is fast approaching, and that only means one thing: it is the time of the year once again to look for a Christmas present that will make our children's holiday brighter. We should grab this opportunity to let our kids realise that there are a lot of other fun things to do other than browsing through their newsfeed and catching Pokémon. If your kid loves superheroes, why don't you consider giving him the Clockwork Soldier Design a Superhero Comic as a kids Christmas present? Place your order and have it delivered straight to your doorstep!

What is the Clockwork Soldier Design a Superhero Comic?

The Clockwork Soldier Design a Superhero Comic is a great Christmas present that will make the creative juices of your child running. With this Christmas present, they will have the chance to create characters and stories using a kit provided by Clockwork Soldier. The kit will teach them different concepts such as making a character outline, conceptualising a comic strip until it is finally compiled into a comic book. The kit includes a comic book, sheets for project activity, activity book, graphic tracing sheets, and a cardboard stencil sheet. The kit has a size of 31cm x 20cm and is suitable to be used by 7 to 12 year olds.

Why Should You Give the Clockwork Soldier Design a Superhero Comic as a Christmas Present?

The Clockwork Soldier Design a Superhero Comic should definitely be on top of your shopping list if you want your child to spend his free time doing a worthwhile activity. Instead of spending hours on Facebook or playing games, they get to be creative, allowing them to produce a comic strip made entirely from his imagination. This is a kids Christmas present that your child will surely treasure for the years to come as he gets to see the output he has produced because of the book.

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