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Sometimes it can be difficult to find a good Gift for Boys Ages 7-12, with this in mind Everything But Flowers is here to help with a fantastic selection of Gifts. You’re never too old for a good bear so pick them up Paddington Bear in Embroidered Coat & Wellies. Boys love fast cars, it’s a fact, so pick them up our Nissan Skyline Racer in White or Gold. Help your child and your dog get along with Dog School. When it comes to Gifts for Boys Ages 7-12, Everything But Flowers has you covered.

Gifts For Boys Ages 7 – 12

Buy you child a toy that they will never forget! Sometimes it may be hard to decide what is best for your boys and what kind of gifts should you get them. But at Everything But Flowers, we have many different kids’ gifts to choose from. Bring smiles to those adorable faces of your kids!   

Are there any books that are great as kids’ gifts at Everything But Flowers?

Yes, there are a lot of books available at Everything But Flowers. For colouring books, we have Colour with Mum, Colouring in book and our The Big Book of Things to Find and Colour. 

As for books that are good for reading, we have So You Think You’re a Skateboarder, Adventure Time Collection of Awesomeness, How to Speak Klingon, Goodnight Darth Vader and You Might Be a Zombie and Other Bad News. 

So You Think You’re a Skateboarder shows the 50 stories that Alex Irvine has to share, from very humble beginnings to a multi-million dollar action sport. Our Adventure Time Collection of Awesomeness will tempt even the most reluctant reader with its hilarious and fun stories! Also, our How To Speak Klingon is a fun and colourful book written by Ben Grossblatt, especially for older children and teenagers. 

How about Goodnight Darth Vader for that young and adorable StarWars fan of yours? This book is wonderfully humorous and it makes an enjoyable bedtime story to your children as they fall asleep. They’ll definitely have dreams about fun and adventures! It makes an awesome kids’ gift as well!

You Might Be a Zombie and Other Bad News is one book that will make your kids laugh, gasp and shake their head! The trivia and fun facts book will have you learning, laughing and discovering some pretty shocking facts. Get it as kids’ gifts for your kids!

For more information about other books, do log on to our website to find out more. 

Are there any toys that are available at Everything But Flowers?

Yes, there are many toys to discover at Everything But Flowers. We have plush toys such as Paddington Bear, Roald Bahl Puppet Theatre, Rubber Band Cars – Build Your Own, Crab design Frisbee, Whale design Frisbee, Beano Paper Plane Kits, Plant Pot Lab by Wild Life and many more! 

Does he love board games? We have just the games he’ll love! How about a game of chess? Check out our Quick Chess Board Game. Chess is a game of strategy and the earlier a child learns it the better they will be!

Or a game of Ludo/Snakes & Ladders? Remember the adventures of Charlie Bucket inside Willi Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and the scrapes he got into? This lovely kids’ gift includes reversible game board, instructions, playing pieces and dice. 

Are there any adorable Kids Rucksacks available at Everything But Flowers?

Yes, there are many different colours of adorable rucksacks available at Everything But Flowers. You can take a look at our beautiful rucksacks for kids. We have rucksacks with different animal prints to choose from, such as Kids Lion Rucksack, Kids Rhino Rucksack, Kids Gorilla Rucksack and Kids Whale Rucksack. Which animal is your child’s favourite? Get it as kids’ gifts for your children!