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The Yellow Taxi may just be the most famous New York icon, which is why the team at Nanoblocks thought it worthy to immortalise in one of their fun creative building kits. Nanoblocks are the world’s tiniest building blocks, and this New York Taxi kit features over 320 micro blocks that are well suited to those aged 12+ to work with.

Requiring fine motor skills, patience and creativity, Nanoblocks are a favourite of kids and adults the world over. With a Nanoblock rating of 3 out of 5 block building difficulty, this is a fun yet challenging gift for kids. The smallest Nanoblock measures just 4mm x 4mm, making this a challenging gift for creative adults too.

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Nanoblock New York Taxi

Children are usually one of the hardest people to give a present to. Isn’t it a bit frustrating when you exert so much effort in picking presents for kids, only for you to see the look of disappointment on their face once they open the gift? Sometimes it is hard for us to determine how to decide the best item to give as presents for kids. Actually, it is just a matter of knowing the right place where to buy presents for kids. Pick the best one so that you are guaranteed to buy from a store that truly understands the preferences of children.
The best presents for kids are usually those that elicit fun and stimulate the minds of children. One of the presents for kids that fit this criteria is the Nanoblock New York Taxi which you can readily order from Everything But Flowers!

What is the Nanoblock New York Taxi?

The brand Nanoblock became available in the Japanese market during 2008. This was produced by Kawada Co. Ltd., a company based in Tokyo. The designs available are quite unique, which include the Miniature collection series of musical instruments, animals, and Christmas pieces with each set having 80 to 150 pieces.
The Yellow Taxi is one of the icons that best represents the city of New York, which is why Kawada made it a point to include it in their toy collection. The Nanoblock New York Taxi has over 320 pieces that are suitable to be used as presents for kids aged 12 years old and above. The pieces used by the Nanoblock toy are similar to the design of the popular Lego toy but they are tinier in size. The biggest piece is 8cm by 2cm while the smallest piece is a single stud having dimensions of 4mm in width, 4mm in height, and 5mm in length. The pieces are only half the size of the Diablock line of toys that are also made by Kawada. The back side of the Nanoblocks differs from the Lego brick in a way that a dividing flange is utilised through a system called the double-ridged backing system. Each piece was made with an ABS plastic.

Why Nanoblocks are Better Presents for Kids than Similar Other Toys?

Nanoblocks put more value to your money than the Lego bricks. You get to build fabulous designs of animal, musical instruments, or historical places made from Nanoblocks at a price similar to that of a Lego brick which you can build in five minutes. You need to shell out a significant amount of money in order to build a grandiose design made from Lego bricks.
Lego bricks also consume a lot of space. Their huge designs such as the Simpson’s House, the Lego Castle, and the Lego Creator series, when combined, might force you to spend extra for space conversion in order for you to display all of the toys. With presents for kids like the Nanobrick Yellow Taxi, you can show off the toys even if you only have limited space in your home. You can buy as many Nanoblock designs as you want without turning your home into a miniature shrine of Nanoblock pieces.

What Makes the Nanoblock New York Taxi Worth Your Every Cent

Each Nanoblock kit can consume at most an hour of fun to assemble. The small pieces make putting them together a bit harder in addition to the puzzling yet excellent instructions jam-packed with Japanese script and diagrams. The Nanoblock pieces are so elaborate that if you do not take note of the placement, the whole kit can disintegrate in your hands. To be able to complete a Nanoblock kit, you need to have fine motor skills, a lot of patience, and creative juices. Presents for kids like the Nanoblock Yellow Taxi is a huge favourite among kids and grown-ups all over the world.
In terms of aesthetics, the design of the Nanoblock designs is more pleasing to the eye as compared to Lego toys. They will serve as the adorable decorative pieces around the home once your kids are done putting them together. Lego bricks are usually presented in realistic earth colours. The iconic pieces of Nanoblocks are presented in vibrant colours. Anyone who will see the designs at first glance will surely feel brighter and happier. The visitors of your home will surely look forward going back to your house for another visit. Colourful presents for kids will also be helpful in stimulating their minds as they try to put the pieces together. They will also feel a huge sense of accomplishment once you display their work in your home.

The Nanoblock toys became such a huge success that in 2010, it earned an award for Outstanding Performance in the High Target tier during the Japan Toy Awards. A year after, it achieved the Grand Prize for the High Target tier. It also earned a Brand License Award in 2012.

Where to Get Fun Presents for Kids? Only at Everything But Flowers!

The best presents for kids are usually the ones that stimulate their minds and challenge them to become more productive just like the Nanoblock Yellow Taxi. Not only will your kid be eager to build more of the spectacular Nanoblock designs, you will also have beautiful decorative pieces to display in your home. Aside from the Nanoblock Yellow Taxi, Everything But Flowers has other choices for presents for kids that you can buy online. Making your shopping experience a fast and convenient one is our top priority.

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