Sometimes you just need a gift that will say it all for you. 'You're an amazing Mother' or 'You deserve all the happiness in the world'. Whatever it is you need to say we have a great selection of inpirational gifts for everyone. Give them motivation or the spark to ignite a fire inside with these beautiful gifts.

Inspirational Presents

Gone are the days when it’s holiday season and you find yourself just resorting to picking up any piece of gift as fast as you could, without holding a particular criteria in mind. A picture frame, an odd-sized tumbler, or even a plain-coloured handkerchief with a unapologetically rough texture – these were believed to be the good-to-go gifts. However, society has changed now; these gifts are now deemed to be the ones under “choices of the lazy”. Sounds bad, right? One would feel taken aback with this kind of label, but worry no more! Everything But Flowers lays out Inspirational Presents—the answer to all our gift-choosing dilemmas!

Inspirational Presents Mean Inspirational Words

There is a huge pile of inspirational presents that Everything But Flowers lay open to its enthusiastic customers online; a large portion of that pile is being occupied by a collection of quirky and colourful books with equally appealing design covers. It doesn’t end in that—there are also inspirational phrases and quotations printed at the front cover of the books. There’s this heart-touching screen-printed hardcover book with the title, “Love Who You Are”—with the word “You” in bold black—by M.H. Clark.

On the other hand, Lisa Congdon evidently crafted a very pleasing-to-the-eyes inspirational present, “Whatever You Are, Be A Good One” book of 100 inspirational quotes. The charming illustrations that make up the book blend well with the font faces! Also, another M.H. Clark work, “Let Your Spirit Soar” will surely make the gift-receiver gain a Cloud Nine feeling because of its gorgeously-designed pages. Books are definitely inspiration presents you can give whether on birthdays, congratulatory parties or the yuletide season.

Beyond the Pages of the Inspirational Presents

The quirky pages and aesthetically pleasing texts on front covers are not the only means of achieving your goal on buying inspirational presents. Everything But Flowers also offer the 12-pack Faber-Castell Art Grip Aquarella Pencils. This surely hits the perfect shot at the heart of your timid artist friend; or your cousin whom you often find spending his time at one corner, creating images of dragons, towers and really wide seas. Creative juices will undoubtedly flow!

Aside from this, one of the inspirational presents that’ll surely grab your eyes in an instant is the Fortune Cookie Silver Trinket Box. It’s one of those inspirational presents that’ll surely give a spark of luck and hope to your friends. Aside from being handmade, what’s thrilling about this product is its ability to carry small trinkets with exciting pieces of messages. It’s surely one of the most creative and unique inspirational presents!

Affordable Choice for Gifts

Everything But Flowers doesn’t only offer inspirational presents; they also present undeniably worth-the-price ones! Purchasing the “Daily Dishonesty” book by Lauren Hom is one it’s-really-worth-it kind of moment. Besides this, we can also take note that Everything But Flowers are keeping up with today’s trends while being affordable at the same time; check out Kawase Hasui Adult Colouring Book! There is a long list of inspirational presents, all you have to do is to think about the most suitable one for that special person in your life—don’t forget to enjoy while you’re at it!