Black & Gold Globe

An Elegant, Distinguished Gift For The Home

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Looking for a distinguished gift for that special person? This gorgeous old world globe will sit beautifully in any home to add a touch of class. An impressive globe featuring brass and copper tones; this beautiful gift will become a talking point in any room.

Measuring 38cm in height; this world globe is the perfect gift idea to sit on a side table or mantle, or perhaps the desk of someone who is 'your world'.

Everything But Flowers finds Australia's most beautiful gifts and when it comes to gifts for the home, we do our best to make sure we stock beautiful gift items that will make your recipient smile with joy and add something extra special to their home.


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5 Reasons Why Gifts For The Home Are Always A Hit

Buying gifts – no matter who you are buying them for – can be a long and difficult process. People often overthink and try and buy the perfect present for people, causing them to become stressed out and unhappy. Gift giving should be fun, and there are a number of things that you can do to bring this fun back.

One of the best ways to do this is to stop focussing on buying the perfect present for the person in question, and to buy gifts for the home instead. Doing this will mean that the recipient of the gifts gets something that they can use regularly, instead of something which they may or may not like and which they might just tuck into the back of a cupboard somewhere. We realise that you may need more convincing of this, which is why we have put together a list of our top five reasons why you should buy gifts for the home!

1. They can add a touch of class:

Sometimes it is necessary to touch up the home with some new artistic pieces or decorative items. Many people are careful about the way that they spend their money, and often won’t buy things which build the atmosphere of their home. Buying gifts for the home can help do this, and they will generally be very well received.

One of our favourite classy gifts for the home is the elegant Black and Gold Globe. This is the perfect piece to put on display in a position of prominence, especially if the recipient enjoys travelling.

2. They can be useful:

One of the major attractions when it comes to buying gifts for the home is that they are often useful and functional. This means that they definitely won’t be tucked away somewhere, and that the person who receives them will make use of them (even if they don’t particularly like them).

3. They don’t have to be expensive:

Although many gifts are expensive, it is equally possible to find cheaper ones which are both affordable and high-quality. If you shop carefully, then you won’t look cheap, especially if you buy things which the recipient can enjoy using or looking at.

4. You can be confident that they will be appreciated:

Functional gifts for the home will always be appreciated, especially if they are things which the recipient has needed for some time. Often, people can’t afford to replace old or broken items, which leads to their house developing something of a rundown look. Gifts which replace these items will almost always be appreciated, and should be considered.

5. Everyone can enjoy them:

Although gift giving is about finding something special for one person, gifts for the home can generally be enjoyed by everyone. Of course, they will belong to the person who you give them to, but this doesn’t mean that everyone else can’t appreciate them as well. Keep things simple, remember not to spend outside of your budget, and most importantly, don’t stress when buying gifts for the home!