Good Gifts for Girls Ages 5 - 12 can be hard to find sometimes, so that’s why Everything But Flowers is here to help you. 

Gifts For Girls Ages 3 – 6

It is very important to get the right kids’ gifts and at Everything But Flowers, we have just the best toys you can find. They are perfect for girls ages 3 to 6. Get your little girls something fun and educational. Such as our Inflatable World Globe! There are many more exciting kids’ gifts at Everything But Flowers. Log on to our website to browse our wide selection of kids’ gifts!

My little girl loves plush toys. Are there any plush toys available on Everything But Flowers? 

Yes! In fact, there are many different plush toys in different colours available. At Everything But Flowers, we know that kids love plush toys and we have beautiful plush toys made with good quality material, just the perfect plush toys for your lovely girls. Get it for them as kids’ gifts and they are sure to love it!

We have our Hand-Crafted Rag Doll Rosie, Hand-Crafted Rag Doll Ava, Hand-crafted Rag Doll Poppy for little girls who love dolls. Besides that, we have our Paddington Bear and Humpty Dumpty Plush, from the famous tv series about the bear and nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty.

Also, we have adorable animal plush toys that your girls may love such as our Jemima Puddle Duck Rattle, Peter Rabbit Large Plush, Cuddly Hippo, Jungle Elephant, Jungle Lion, Jungle Monkey, Jungle Tiger and Lambert in Green Knitted Jumper.

Are there any games that I can get for my little girls at Everything But Flowers?

Of course! We have different types of games that you can choose from. Train your little girls’ memory skills with our Ben & Holly Memory Cards! These are perfect kids’ gifts for kids who love a bit of competition matched with some serious memory work! 

Teach your kids how to spell with the alphabets and pictures of animals with our ABC Animals Magnetic Case. Or our Peppa Pig Sorting Box designed to provide many advantages for young children such as developing thinking and physical skills, promoting creative play, thought and learning, all in a fun environment.

Try our Ben & Holly Opposite Cards Game! With 12 fun and colourful cards that your children will love! These educational cards allow play in groups or individually. Use them as a memory card too!

Are there any backpacks available at Everything But Flowers?

Yes, there are backpacks in different colours available on Everything But Flowers. Browse our gifts for Girls ages 3 to 6 section and look for the beautiful backpacks! We have Whale Cotton Backpack which is navy blue in colour, Fox 100% Organic Cotton Backpack which is Brown and orange in colour, and Tiger 100% Organic Cotton Backpack which is in Green and Orange in colour. Which is your girl’s favourite animal and which colour? Get it for your girls as kids’ gifts. They are sure to love it. 

With these beautiful backpacks, they can store their books and pencil case and are ready to go to school. Who wouldn’t want their kids to look good with a cute backpack in a school uniform? Get it for your girls today!

Need a gift for a young girl between the age of three and six?

Why not take advantage of the dedicated range for this age group, which has been created by the expert team at Everything but Flowers. In this gifts range, you will find original gifts such as books, sunglasses, cuddly toys, floats, colouring posters, LED lamps and much more. So, plenty of original presents to choose a gift from.

Customers must be careful with the presents they buy for younger children, because some children like to put certain toys in their mouth. Therefore, suitable toys cannot contain smaller parts since they are a choking hazard. They cannot contain any harmful chemicals either, since they could affect the health of the child. The items inside the gifts for girls (ages three to six) have been selected by our team and do not contain small parts that could be swallowed by the child in question. However, if you are buying for a child younger than three, we recommend heading over to our range of gifts for younger children, since some of the presents inside this range may not be suitable for a recipient of that age.