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Gardening gifts
bring so much joy and fun. Whether it's growing flowers, or food to eat; gifts for the garden are truly a gift that keeps giving. From gardening tools, to the ultimate gardening books, we've got gifts for gardeners of all kinds.

Discover the Top Gardening Presents for Women at Everything but Flowers!

Customers who need an original present for a woman who loves to garden are in for a treat at Everything but Flowers. Our catalogue is packed with amazing gardening presents, so we have created an easy overview with top gardening presents. Check out the recommendations below to find the perfect gardening present for your recipient.

What Is the First Gardening Present I Should Obtain for My Female Recipient?

Is your recipient proficient in gardening, but could she use some help with organic gardening? Or does your recipient want to take her first steps in the world of gardening? Whichever one it may be, you can consider the 12-Month Gardening Mentorship from Everything but Flowers.

The 12-Month Gardening Mentorship includes a full mentorship under the tutelage of Peter Kearney. During the mentorship, your recipient will learn everything there is to know about cultivating and maintaining an organic garden. Your recipient will also receive a lot of information about sustainable living practices.

Our 12-Month Gardening Mentorship can be attended via skype, email, and telephone; this means your recipient can learn everything there is to know about organic gardening from the convenience of her own home. However, this is not just any online course though, since it includes an initial 100 minute consultation, loads of follow-up sessions and unlimited email and phone support over a period of twelve months. In conclusion, everything beginners or even experienced gardeners need for twelve months of gardening fun.

What Is the Second Gardening Present I Should Obtain for My Female Recipient?

Many women who love to garden also like to see some birds in there. Of course, you want to attract the right kind of birds to make the garden even more beautiful, so we suggest obtaining a Food Truck Bird Feeder for her garden as well.

The Food Truck Bird Feeder is a themed and functional bird feeder. It measures a decent 175 millimetres by 155 millimetres by 140 millimetres. Therefore, this ceramic bird feeder is perfect for tiny birds that make her garden stand out in the right way.

What Is the Third Gardening Present I Should Obtain for My Female Recipient?

A good book with loads of gardening information is another good option for a gardening lover. We have loads of options available, including ‘Backyard Bounty’, which provides your recipient with all the information regarding organic gardening.

Even proficient and experienced gardeners could learn a lot from ‘Backyard Bounty’. The book is packed with tips and tricks on how to make the best organic compost and even includes a month-to-month vegetable growing guide. Recipients can also refer to this book to learn how to repel insects and prevent plant diseases in a natural way.

What Is the Fourth Gardening Present I Should Obtain for My Female Recipient?

Our fourth suggestion can be used in the garden, but also for a fun day out in the park or another nature environment, more specifically the Stephanie Alexander Wattle Picnic Rug. Stephanie Alexander makes loads of things for the garden and this is one particular thing that cannot be missing from the collection of a gardening lover.

The Stephanie Alexander Wattle Picnic Rug measures 140 centimetres by 140 centimetres. It is made from a lightweight polyester fabric; this makes the rug waterproof and easy to maintain at the same time!

What Is the Fifth Gardening Present I Should Obtain for My Female Recipient?

Stephanie Alexander creates gardening tools as well; this includes the Stephanie Alexander Hand Trowel. The trowel features a stunning design and is made with the sturdiest materials, so beginners and even experienced gardeners will appreciate this hand trowel as a present.

The Stephanie Alexander Hand Trowel has a handle made from durable ash wood. The trowel itself is made from strong stainless steel, which guarantees a lengthy lifespan for this gardening tool.

There are more gardening tools from Stephanie Alexander available at Everything but Flowers; this includes some galvanised plant pots as well as a gardening tool bag. There is so much to discover, so if you need more gardening tools for your recipient, we can certainly suggest checking out the other options from Stephanie Alexander.

Where Can I Find More Gardening Presents Suitable for My Female Recipient?

Everything but Flowers has a catalogue packed with gardening items; this includes more gardening books, gardening tools, experiences, decorations, and loads more. If you need more inspiration for a gardening lover, simply head over to our gardening section for some amazing gift ideas.

Do you have a question about the gardening presents available at Everything but Flowers?  For more information, please contact the Everything but Flowers team via email, instant messaging, or telephone. Our team of experts will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.