Candles are a great way to light up the room in a pinch, and provide a nice ambiance. That’s why Everything But Flowers has a wonderful selection of Candle Gifts. Our best-selling product in this category is the Aromaboutique Tuberose & Berries Candle, and with good reason. While you’re at it, grab a stylish Eiffel Tower Tealight Holder. When it comes to Candle Gifts, Everything But Flowers has you covered.

Candles as Presents for Her

Each and everyone has a special woman in their life – mothers, of course, and there are also grandmothers, aunts, wives, girlfriends, friends, bosses, and even work colleagues. There’s always a special place for these special women in our lives that whenever their special day would come up, you can’t help but think of the best presents for her that would best celebrate the gift of their life to yours.
Everything But Flowers understands how special these special women are in our lives that is why we have a wide array of wonderful presents for women. The presents for her gift collection would include precious jewellery, luxury bags, or products for the home, whichever you feel would be liked best by that special woman you intend to give a gift to. One of these options for presents for her that you should consider are the simple yet elegant candle gifts.

Candle Gifts from Everything But Flowers

Candles can light up a room literally and figuratively. Apart from the original intended use of giving off light, candles are now used to adorn homes and add a touch of mood to any room. Candles are now used for Aromatherapy, for stress relieving and mood upliftment purposes. Everything But Flowers has a vast collection of candles you can give as gifts that any woman would surely enjoy. You can simply browse the collection to check which candle you feel fits the personality of the special woman in your life you are giving it to.
Among the collection is the Fruity Floral Gilded Candle by MOR, which features a limited Edition Soy Wax Candle, embedded with a fruity floral scent. This turtledove candle emits a lovely combination of strawberry, vanilla, pineapple, and mango scents. And who wouldn’t want that yummy fruity collection scent? Whether it’s a warm sunny day in spring, or a breezy cold winter night, instantly light up the mood of the room with this simple hand-poured candle. Its therapeutic tropical aroma can relax and calm down the nerves and provide a soothing ambience to any room. The Fruity Floral Gilded Candle weighs 465g and is made of premium high quality wax. It has been carefully hand poured into a glass vessel that has been beautifully adorned with gold foil feather designs --- naturally simple yet elegant. The perfect gift for that special someone who also sheds light to your life.
Another option from the Everything But Flowers’ candle gifts collection of Presents for her is the Wedgwood Butterfly Bloom Candle. This candle on the other hand has been crafted with the fine luscious floral scents of Gardenia and Peony flowers. And which woman does not appreciate a gift with flowers? Lighting it up will cause the room to be practically enveloped with the fragrance of sweet summer blossoms. You can just imagine the sun shining with the birds chirping and the butterflies fluttering around. The Wedgwood Butterfly Bloom Candle’s relaxing floral scent is meant to be long lasting because it has been especially crafted with premium, high quality oils.
This high grade, classy candle’s scent can actually last for more than a full day, for an amazing 30 hours. It even comes with a fine china 9-cm vase that is adorned with no other than 22-carat gold that forms a lovely pattern of flowers and butterflies, matching the scent the candles emit. Once the candle is finished, one can even reuse the beautiful vase as a centrepiece or as a writing instruments container, or even for paintbrushes for the artists. A special scented candle in a special vase only for that special woman in your life. She will truly feel special once she opens and experiences this Wedgwood Butterfly Bloom Candle.

A Candle Holder to Match your Candle Presents for Her

Since you are already considering candle gifts as presents for her, why don’t you include in your gifts to consider some matching candle holders? For instance, the Osbourne Candle Holder Set will add premium-ness to any kind of candle. The Osbourne Candle Holder is a set of 3 glass containers measuring 8.5 cm by 10 cm, with a contemporary luxurious design. It can add elegance to any dining or living room table with it as the centrepiece.
The candle holder set boasts of golden print designs with patterns of triangles, honeycomb and diamonds that have been elegantly placed together. It can be used most especially during special occasions like the holiday season and anniversaries, or simply any day that one wants to see elegant décor in a room. If you are thinking of other similar gifts like candles and candle holders, Everything But Flowers has a wide collection of presents for her that you should check out.

Presents for Her at Everything But Flowers

Everything But Flowers is your ideal partner for searching the perfect presents for her. We have an expert team that searches for the ideal gift products for men and women of all ages, and for different kinds of occasions, or even just for every day. Whether you are looking for jewellery, bags, home décor, books, candles, gift packs – the list goes on and on. You can be assured that we only carry items of high quality so you can truly get great value for your money.
To even elevate the look and feel of our gifts, they even come in deluxe gift wrapping and deluxe gift card options. We also offer customisation if you would like to add a personal touch to your ordered gifts. And if your purchases exceed $99, you can get the nationwide shipping fee already for free. That’s convenient gift shopping at your fingertips!
So for your presents for her – whether for your mum, grandma, aunt, wife, girlfriend, friend, boss, or female work colleagues, do not worry that you would run out of gift ideas. That’s because you will surely find one at Everything But Flowers! Come and browse our huge collection now and be one of the hundreds of thousands satisfied customers of Everything But Flowers.