Explore Our Large Selection of Books for Women! Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone who loves to read? Or who loves her collection of coffee table books? Then you simply can't go wrong by choosing a gift from our books for women category. We pride ourselves on providing a quality range of gifts for women, so you won't be disappointed when you choose something from our books for women range. Use the menu on the left to search through our titles and find the ideal book for her.

Cook Books

Our books for women range has a considerable amount of cook books, this is not really a surprise given the fact that the majority of women really like to dabble in the kitchen.

Customers can find more than the traditional cook books though, because our gifts for women category also provides cook books with a bit of a twist. Want to find out everything about cupcakes? Or would you like to gift a cook book that specialises in recipes for children? Check out our entire range of books for women to see all your options!

Lifestyle Books

People who are looking for lifestyle books will also find what they are looking for in our range of books for women. Good examples of such books are: “How to be a hip mama without losing your cool” or “Porn for the Working Woman”. No matter which books you choose from our gifts for women category, you will always find a suitable lifestyle option.

Fashion Books

Are you looking for something relating to fashion in our gifts for women category? Why not pick one of the fashion books that we provide to our clients?

In our range of gifts for women, you will find some famous fashion books, including Vogue on, which gives you a closer view into the fashion ideas of famous fashion designers Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen.

Hobby Books

Another category in our books for women range is hobby books. As you may know, women can have very diverse hobbies, so we made sure that we had quite an extensive range to offer you.

Whether the recipient likes poker, baking or general crafts, you will definitely find some amazing options in our books for women range!

Leave the Wrapping to Us

Not everyone is brilliant at wrapping gifts. If you are one of these people, you can also count on Everything but Flowers. When you surf to our gift wrapping section, you will notice that you can choose from a wide range of premium wrapping paper. Available colours are baby blue, baby pink, chocolate brown, deep red, cream, canary yellow and royal purple.

If you want to take advantage of our wrapping service, please select the additional wrapping service during the checkout. During this process you also get the option to add a free gift tag or to upgrade to a full sized gift card!

Need Help? Give Us A Call!

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If your recipient is an avid reader, you can find what you need on Everything but Flowers. Amongst our range of gifts for special occasions, you will find many categories containing books. Some of these books are written for men, but a large part is also written for women. To make you find a book for your female recipient easier, we even created a separate section that only contains books for women. So, if you need a special book for a female recipient, be sure to look at this range and the books it contains.

In our range of books for women, customers can find numerous categories that may be interesting for their female recipient. It contains coffee table books, novelty books, recipe books, cook books, niche books, fashion books and much more. The range of books for women also includes the latest trend amongst adults – the adult colouring books. So, if your recipient has picked up this hobby recently, you will also find what you need in the books for women range!