Are you looking for truly original mens gifts? Then you should take a look at our mens novelty gifts collection!


Novelty Gifts for Men You Cannot Pass on This Year!

At Everything but Flowers, customers can find countless unique presents that will put a smile on their recipient’s face. When you need some unique novelty gifts for your male recipient, Everything but Flowers certainly has it available for you! Curious what our novelty recommendations for men are this year? Check out our top suggestions below.

What Are Some Gag Gift Ideas for Men?

Do you want to have a good laugh at a special occasion? If so, we suggest one of the two top-selling gag gifts below. With these gifts, you can certainly make your recipient do a face palm!

The ‘Aussie’ Button

Is your recipient as Australian as they come? Then we recommend the ‘Aussie’ button from our novelty gifts collection. When hitting this button, your recipient will get to hear one of the ten pre-recorded Aussie messages. So, with this Aussie button on his desk, he is bound to get some amazing patriotic moments.

The Trump Survival Kit

It is only natural that one of our bestselling gag gifts is related to Donald Trump. With the Donald Trump Survival Kit from Everything but Flowers, your recipient will be prepared for the rest of Donald Trump’s presidency reign; this includes a bullshit button, orange stress ball, and an Alternative Facts journal.

What Are Some Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Men?

Are you someone’s Secret Santa this year, but do you have no idea what to buy for your male recipient? Below, you can find some of our favourite Secret Santa gifts with a novelty tinge. The best thing about these options? They are undoubtedly going to be used by your recipient!

DOIY Concrete Desk Tidy

Nobody said that a novelty gift cannot be functional, and this is certainly proven by the DOIY Concrete Desk Tidy. The DOIY Concrete Desk Tidy is the perfect gift for someone who works in an office, but also a man who could use some extra organisation in his home.

With the Concrete Desk Tidy from our collection, your recipient will have a dedicated spot for his wallet, smartphone, keys, and even coins. Of course, the individual sections on the desk tidy can be used for other small items too.

51 Drinking Games

An amazing Secret Santa for any male recipient is a fun drinking game. Of course, you do not have to limit yourself to one, because you could obtain 51 Drinking Games from our novelty collection.

51 Drinking Games from our novelty collection contains some of the finest drinking games; this includes classics such as beer pong, but also more unique games such as slip the chip. Curious what games are hidden in this novelty game? Get 51 Drinking Games from Everything but Flowers to find out!

What Is the Best Christmas Gift for Men?

Need something unique for a male recipient this Christmas, not particularly related to Secret Santa? There are many other novelty items you could consider from our collection.

Shot Glass Roulette

Drinking games are quite popular for the holiday season, so another drinking-related suggestion from our range is Shot Glass Roulette. Shot Glass Roulette consists of a roulette wheel, which has been adjusted with shot glasses, which are then filled with the appropriate drink. You can even include some non-alcoholic drinks to keep things interesting.

Things to Do on the Loo

Another novelty option from our collection, and a great stocking filler, is a book called Things to Do on the Loo. Inside this book, your recipient can find countless activities he can do in the loo, so this book will keep him entertained far beyond the holiday season!

What Are the Best Gifts for a Friend’s Wedding?

Christmas and birthdays are not the only times where you might need a novelty gift, because the wedding of a friend could also require a fun novelty gift. If you plan on giving the groom a good laugh before his marriage, be sure to look at these options.

Spin the Shot

This suggestion is undoubtedly a good choice for the bachelor party, since Spin the Shot is another drinking game. Fortunately, Spin the Shot is not as complicated as some other drinking games, since all you need to do is sit in a circle, fill the shot, and spin.

Bottle Opener & Magnetic Top Catcher

The Bottle Opener & Magnetic Top Catcher is perfect for the groom, because he will need to avoid dropping bottle caps on the floor once he is married. Fortunately, falling bottle caps will not be a problem with the Bottle Opener & Magnetic Top Catcher.

Original cooking tools

People who are looking for mens novelty gifts related to cooking will not be disappointed when they take a look at the mens gifts we have available. Our absolute pride and joy in this collection is the large amount of original barbecue lighters we have available. Check out our screw driver barbecue lighter or spanner lighters and you will immediately see why.

We also have some tools for the more rugged man, who is also a sports fan. In our mens gifts you will find various bottle openers with original designs, including an AFL ball design and a magic 8 ball bottle opener!

Party Games

Our range of mens gifts also contains a number of party gifts that you simply cannot afford to miss. Mens gifts do not always need to be a gift for individuals, so why not pick out a party game in our range of mens gifts and celebrate together!

One great game you will find amongst our mens novelty gifts is beer pong. This game is usually played at university parties and very popular with the young crowd. However, this does not mean that beer pong is not only mean for young people, because you can always use it to revisit your youth and enjoy beer in a fun way!

Another great drinking game in our mens novelty gifts collection is the drinking dartboard. There is something extra special about this dartboard as well. On one side you can use it to play a drinking game, but turn it around and you can play normal darts as well!

Edgy Gifts

Are you someone who is not afraid to shock? Then we also have some edgy mens gifts for you in our mens novelty gifts collection. Check out our inflatable dolls or surprise the recipient with a funny ball scratcher. This will certainly create a memory that you both will laugh about for years!

Gift Wrapping

If you do not have to time to wrap the gift, there is nothing to worry about. Everything but Flowers also offers professional wrapping services so the present will arrive ready to be gifted. Some presents, such as gift hampers, already come in a pre-made box and do not require wrapping. People who do want to use the wrapping service, can select this option during the checkout.

When you add a certain item to your chart, you can also select a free gift card with a personalised message. If you want something a little more special, you can also opt for one of our other gifts cards that are available before the checkout process.

Gift Vouchers

Having trouble deciding what to get from the mens novelty gifts category? No need to panic! Everything but Flowers also offers gift vouchers that can later be used by the recipient. If you would rather pick the gift yourself, you can always count on the advice of our consultants as well!

Want to find something original for a male recipient, but do you have no idea where to start? Let Everything but Flowers help you find the perfect novelty present by providing you with an extensive range of original gifts. In our range of novelty gifts, our valued customers can find dedicated novelty gifts for adults, but also fun drinking games that will bring delight to any party! The selection of novelty gifts is also a great option for customers on a budget, since this range contains numerous affordable items.

Everything but Flowers understands that finding original gifts is quite the task. Therefore, we created a range that only contains novelty gifts, so you can easily find something unique that will put a smile on your recipient’s face. Whether you need an original mug with a fun message, or a uniquely shaped ice cube maker that could transform any glass of whisky into a genuine experience, there are always multiple options in our range. Curious what presents are waiting for you? Browse the men’s novelty range right now to determine if it contains the perfect gift for your male recipient!