LOQI Reusable Shopping Bag in Backgammon

Geometric Style perfect for shopping!

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The ECHO geometric deco designs play with a neutral palette contrast with jewel hues. With the Backgammon Design its mint green and peach pink colours make it simple to make a statement when out and about.

Sometimes saving the planet is not all about hippies and long underarm hair, actually its never been about that! With LOQI Bags, its about fitting fashion and style into everyday life. Australians use an incredible 3.92 billion plastic bags a year! Take pleasure in saying no to plastic bags with these strong (holds up to 20kg), durable (made from water resistant polyester) and light weight (only weighs 55g) bags. LOQI is fashioned to fit in with anyones lifestyle. Whether doing the grocery shopping, going to the gym, enjoying the beach, taking baby or the kids for an outing or jet setting the globe, keep your LOQI bag in your pocket, purse or handbag, so it's always handy.

Making a perfect gift for the woman who is fashion forward and conscious of her carbon footprint. LOQI reusable bags are exceptional value, with a generous inside pocket and an additional zippered pouch, perfect for your extras. The bold & colourful designs won't fade and are water resistant.

Dimensions: 50cm wide x 42cm high (69cm including handles), the internal pocket measures at 16.5cm x 14cm. Folder pouch dimensions: 11.5cm x 11.5cm.


Delivery: Flat Rate of $10.95 Australia-wide. Order over $99.00 for FREE delivery.

Be Eco-friendlier with Everything but Flowers’ Reusable Shopping Bags!

Getting Christmas presents or birthday presents for women that are eco-friendlier is not always a bad idea, because at the end of the day, it is our responsibility to make our planet liveable for the next generation. Everything but Flowers likes to contribute to a better environment, more specifically by offering a range of eco-friendlier Christmas presents and birthday presents.

The LOQI Reusable Shopping Bag in Backgammon

One of the environmentally-friendly shopping bags from our Christmas presents for women range is the LOQI Reusable Shopping Bag in Backgammon. This reusable shopping bag from our Christmas presents for women range features a beautiful backgammon design, which makes this bag quite suitable for shopping trips, beach trips or other social occasions that require a little more colour!

The LOQI Reusable Shopping Bag from our Christmas presents for women range also has some special features. Firstly, this durable shopping bag can hold up to twenty kilograms of weight. On top of that, it is also made from a durable water-resistant polyester, which keeps your shopping protected in rainy or snowy weather.

When the LOQI Reusable Shopping Bag from our Christmas presents for women range is not in use, it is easy to carry or fold, because this shopping bag only weighs a total of fifty-five grams. Therefore, if a woman you know is in dire need of a durable and well-designed shopping bag, this beautiful bag should be on the top of your list.

The Reusable Shopping Bag Set in Frutti

If you know someone who is celebrating their birthday in the hot summer months, you may want to consider getting her the reusable shopping bags in Frutti from our birthday presents range. These reusable shopping bags from our birthday presents range have the same capacity as the previously mentioned backgammon bag, but feature a cheerful fruit design that is a refreshing sight during a heatwave.

The Reusable Shopping Bag Set in Frutti does not only contain shopping bags suitable for sunny weather though, because each of these eco-friendly shopping bags are water-resistant as well. They are also made from a durable polyester material, which means the recipient will get to use these bags a lot before they need to think about replacing them.

The LOQI Reusable Shopping Bag in Stripes

The LOQI Reusable Shopping Bag in Stripes is another popular option from our range of birthday presents, since this features a classic and timeless design, which means it could be used for many years to come. This LOQI bag is also reminiscent of the backgammon bag we mentioned earlier, so you could combine both into one marvellous gift.

The LOQI Gerhard Richter Reusable Shopping Bag

Inside our extensive range of environmentally-friendly shopping bags, customers can also find artistic options. One of these artistic options is the Gerhard Richter Reusable Shopping Bag, which is based on a painting of artist Gerhard Richter.

Gerhard Richter is a well-known German visual artist. His best-known works are considered as abstract, but he also released numerous photorealistic paintings, photographs and even glass pieces that are true collector’s item. So, if you need a shopping bag for a woman with an artistic side, we can recommend this bag from our extensive collection.

The LOQI Reusable Shopping Bags in Botany

Do you know a woman who is passionate about gardening and regularly leaves her house to get some garden supplies, so she can make her garden even better than it already is? Then be sure to have a look at the LOQI Reusable Shopping Bags in Botany, which feature a beautiful flower design.

Of course, the design of the bag is not the only reason why you should obtain these reusable shopping bags for a gardening lover, because these bags also have the durability characteristics LOQI shopping bags are known for. Each of the bags is made from a durable polyester, is water-resistant, and can hold a whopping twenty kilograms without any problem.

The LOQI Reusable Shopping Bag Set in Echo

Echo is a specific collection from the LOQI brand, known for the rhythmic repetition of contrasting colours in the design of their bags. These shopping bags are real eye-catchers, which is why they are recommended for women who love to wear bright colours, or women who love to stand out from the crowd.

LOQI ‘The Laura’ Reusable Shopping Bag

‘The Laura’ Reusable Shopping Bag is the perfect choice for a teen or young adult, since it features a young, fresh design with the inscription “Every time you lie, a fairy dies!”. A shopping bag with a wicked sense of humour does appeal to most young women, so if you are stuck on a shopping bag design for someone with a fierce reputation, be sure to pick ‘The Laura’.

More Environmentally-Friendly Products at Everything but Flowers

The team of Everything but Flowers really cares about the environment; therefore, we prefer products that are made with environmentally-friendly materials, or products that could contribute to a better environment in another way. When you take a closer look at our range, you will notice we have more environmentally-friendly products to offer; this includes candles, aromatherapy diffusers, eco-friendly toys and more.

By choosing to obtain gifts from Everything but Flowers, you also contribute to a better environment if you choose one of our eco-friendly products. So, if you do not know where to shop for a special occasion, always put Everything but Flowers first for a better environment in the future.

Questions Related to Environmentally-Friendly Products

Do you have any questions about any of the gifts we stock and the impact they have on the environment? Would you like to know which eco-friendly gift is best for your recipient? Or do you simply need some advice on environmentally-friendly gift shopping? Whatever question you may have now, do not hesitate to contact Everything but Flowers. Our team is always happy to help and will answer any questions you may have. The team is available during normal business hours on working days, so do not hesitate to contact us if we can help you with anything.