Trump Survival Kit

This is the Best Survival Kit. The Best. Bigly.

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The Trump Survival Kit is the best. We make the best survival kits, just ask anybody. This amazing novelty gift set contains everything a modern man needs to survive the Trump presidency. We’ve included a Donald Trump “Impeach-a-Ball” Stress Ball, which comes in a bright orange colour that’s just a few shades lighter than Donny’s own face. The kit also contains a Bullsh*t Button and the Alternative Facts Journal, which is a great place to record impeachment fantasies.

The best part? None of these items will make a guy’s hand seem strangely tiny. Oh, and a portion of the proceeds from the 160-page Alternative Facts Journal will go toward supporting the free press. Book Dimensions: 14.2 x 1.3 x 21.3cm.

Delivery: Flat Rate of $10.95 Australia-wide. Order over $99.00 for FREE delivery.

Father's Day gift ideas if your Dad needs cheering up

Today's world can be a bit crazy. If you listen to the news too much, it's hard to stay cheerful. Is your Dad scratching his head, wondering what's happened to the world? Help your Dad let off steam with your Father's Day gifts. A good laugh can blow the clouds away, and let him see things aren't as bad as he imagines. He's got your for starters, how great is that!

We've got a heaps of men's gifts that can bring a big smile to his face. If he's railing at the 'leader of the free world' right now, aka Donald Trump, then he'll enjoy this Father's Day gift – the Trump Survival Kit. When The Donald comes on the news, the kit has an Alternative Facts journal where your Dad can jot down Trump's wisdom about the world, and how he's going to fix it all. And in the middle of the speeches, this fun men's gift has a BS button your Dad can punch as he listens. This Father's Day gift could become a hobby whilst Trump is still in office.

Take him out for a Father's Day gift treat

Most Dad's really miss their children, even when they're grown up. He'll always be your Dad, even if you're 70 and he's 90! Taking him out for his Father's Day treat will cheer him up immensely. There's no more valuable Father's Day gift than your time. If that's not an option because you're far away, then you can give him an amazing day out with one of our Experiences.

We've so many Experiences that are unforgettable gifts for Father's Day. Check them out and you'll find some of these incredible gifts for men are highly adventurous – how about sending him underwater in a cage while sharks swim around him? He's unlikely to every forget that Father's Day present! We've heaps of quieter ones too, like various cooking class days, photography lessons, sailing on an America's Cup yacht (he doesn't have to sail it himself, don't worry!) – all awesome men's gifts where he'll see the world, and himself, in a new light.

Father's Day gifts he can share with his mates

There are few better ways to cheer up than quality time spent with mates, where they can put the world to rights over a bevvie. He'll have a good reason to invite them over with this yummy men's gift – one of our world craft beer hampers. We've got playing cards that are gold-plated too! These special, unusual Father's Day gifts will ease his cares away.

Here at Everything But Flowers we want your shopping Experience to be as easy as possible, as well as pleasurable. If you need your Father's Day gift to arrive on a specific day, upgrade to our Premium Delivery service and we'll make sure your lovely Dad gets his men's gifts on time. We offer free delivery across Australia when you spend $99 or more. You can also upgrade to our premium gift-wrapping service for your Father's Day gifts to look extra-special.