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The sprawling spaces of countryside Australia have captured the hearts of Australians for generations. Who doesn’t dream of a beautiful home in the countryside, something perched beautifully among a stunning country backdrop filled with wildlife and nature. Rural Australian Homes is a beautifully presented view of contemporary Australian living in a stunning hard cover book that’s the perfect gift for Father’s Day.

Filled with delightful imagery, this gorgeous book captures a range of rural Australian homes from sheep station properties right through to a converted general store. Every Australian State is covered, and this beautiful walk through covers both contemporary living interwoven with rich history to enjoy.

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Is your dad someone who is passionate about building or interior decorating? If so, be sure to consider one of the most original books in our men’s presents collection – Rural Australian Homes.

Rural Australian Homes is a book that captures the essence of Australian country living, because this book from our men’s presents catalogue is filled with examples of rural Australian homes. So, if your dad is considering converting his own home into a rural palace, be sure to gift him this book from the men’s presents range for Father’s Day!

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