Decanter Carafe Wine Aerator

750ml Blown Glass Wine Carafe and Decanter

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The Eva Solo Decanter Carafe Wine Aerator’s innovative design allows wine to be aerated quickly and served drip-free within minutes. This mouth-blown glass decanter features an integrated funnel that directs wine in streams toward the inside wall of the carafe. This introduces plenty of oxygen, reducing the long wait-time associated with traditional aerating methods.

Once the wine is aerated, the integrated funnel acts as a drip-free spout for serving the oxygenated wine. The carafe has a capacity of 750ml, which is one whole bottle of wine.

Give the beautiful, yet useful Eva Solo Decanter Carafe Wine Aerator as a Christmas, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day gift to wine-drinking friends and family members.

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An Elegant Gift for a Wine Connoisseur Dad

Looking for a practical but special gift for your Dad? The Eva Solo Decanter Carafe and Wine Aerator is an innovative gift for any wine lover. This elegant and beautifully designed carafe quickly aerates a full bottle of wine for those surprise guests or last-minute dinner parties. In classic Eva Solo design, this gorgeous mouth-blown glass decanter will look great as a centrepiece to any special meal. The special drip-free mouth ensures you can serve your aerated bottle of wine straight away from the carafe.

If your Dad is a red wine connoisseur, he’ll love this innovative gift and essential wine accessory. Dads love to have clever devices, handy tools, and the latest gadgets. With the Eva Solo Decanter Wine Aerating Carafe your Dad can enjoy owning an effective wine aerator that looks stunning. If you want a Father’s Day gift to impress a fussy Dad, he’ll love the Eva Solo Decanter Carafe Wine Aerator.

Wine Gifts are Perfect for Father’s Day

When looking for men’s gifts to impress on Father’s Day, wine gifts and wine accessories are the perfect choice. Whether you’re buying for your husband, Dad, grandfather, or a close father-figure, wine or alcohol gifts are always appreciated. Gorgeous wine accessories make a special gift that will be appreciated for years to come. A set of stunning wine glasses, spirit tumblers, a wine carafe or decanter, or even a stylish wine bottle stopper all make wonderful wine accessory gifts for guys. If you need a Father’s Day gift for a wine snob, then it can be intimidating to try to choose the perfect bottle of wine. So why not make it easy? Instead of trying to find the perfect bottle of wine for the occasion, give him a remarkable glass wine decanter and carafe. Your Dad will truly love the Eva Solo Decanter Wine Aerating Carafe for Father’s Day.

Send a Special Gift with Free Delivery for Father’s Day

Everything But Flowers has exclusive gifts and men’s accessories in stock for Father’s Day. We want to make your Dad’s day special. Take advantage of free delivery right across Australia when you buy the Eva Solo Decanter Wine Aerating Carafe for your Dad on Father’s Day. Include a heartfelt card to make your gift even more special. We offer a range of gift-wrapping options to suit any special occasion. Browse our range of quality men’s gifts and essential wine accessories to find the perfect gift for your Dad. Your Dad will be enjoying his favourite vintage with this stylish glass wine decanter. Celebrate with your Dad with a gift from Everything But Flowers this Father’s Day.