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p>Growing delectable, eco-friendly vegetables doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, Backyard Bounty makes organic farming totally accessible. The gardening guide covers a variety of quintessential tips and tricks, like how to make nutrient-rich compost. It also includes a month-to-month vegetable growing guide and information about how to naturally repel pests and avoid diseases.


For the dad who loves to garden and grow his own food, we highly recommend the Backyard Bounty book. This book is exactly what every gardener needs to build a productive and eco-friendly plot! Paperback. Created by Organic Gardener Magazine.

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The Best Father’s Day Gifts For Dads Who Love Gardening

Everyone enjoys different things, and everyone has different hobbies associated with these enjoyments. It is therefore important to think carefully when buying gifts for people close to you to make sure that you get things which are suitable for them and which they can enjoy. Buying father’s day gifts can be extremely difficult. Not only do you need to buy a decent gift which your dad will enjoy, but you also need to get something which shows him how much you appreciate him.

If your dad likes gardening, there are plenty of different father’s day gifts that you could buy for him. Some of the best one are very simple and straightforward, but they are sure to be a hit. Some of our favourite father’s day gifts for dads who love gardening include:

A new gardening book

There are literally hundreds of different gardening books on the market. Consider buying one for your dad if he enjoys gardening. Buy a book which looks at the type of gardening that he enjoys, and try to make sure that it is one which he can learn from.

Here at one of our favourite gardening books is the aptly titled Backyard Bounty Book. This book outlines everything that your dad needs to know about growing his own organic vegetables. Buy him this for father’s day and who knows - you might even get a few decent veggies out of it!

A garden gnome

Garden gnomes and other garden ornaments are hits when it comes to buying father’s day presents. Many people develop collections of garden gnomes as their gardens develop. If your dad is one of these people, he will be sure to appreciate a new gnome to add to his collection! Go for something which suits his personality. If your dad is a little on the old side, get him a gnome which relates to this. If he is a rough kind of guy, consider going for a gnome which is a little bit crude or rude.

Some gardening tools

Buying father’s day gifts is easy when your dad loves gardening. There are so many different gardening tools on the market that he simply can’t have them all. Go for tools which are innovative, exciting, or which might simply make it easier for him to do a job which he doesn’t really like doing.

Some plants

Does your dad enjoy gardening? If so, don’t go past a few new plants when it comes time to buy some new father’s day gifts. There are many different types of plants on the market, and you can buy everything from cactuses to rainforest ornamentals. If you aren’t sure what will be a good choice, speak to your local nursery staff and they will be able to help you. Whatever you do, make sure you buy something which will go in your dad’s garden. Good luck and have fun gardening!