Men love to drink; it’s just a fact of life. Everything But Flowers knows this, and that is why we have a selection of Drinking Gifts for Men. For the handyman who likes a good beer every now and then, we have the Tool Bottle Opener. Ever want to taste four beers in a row? Well now you can with the Beer Tasting Paddle, it even comes with four glasses! For Drinking Novelty Gifts, come to Everything But Flowers.

Drinking Games for the Drinking Man

When it comes to social gatherings, there is nothing that guys appreciate more than the camaraderie to be relished in a night out drinking with buddies and acquaintances. After all, a drink is best enjoyed not alone but with the company of friends. Drinking sessions are home to a plethora of laughter, stories, confidences, and the like. But nothing turns the merriment up a notch more than a good drinking game to vivify the atmosphere. So the next time you’re out in search of presents for men and are having trouble finding the right ones, why not give Drinkopoly a try?

Drinks and Games, a Match Made in (Alcohol) Heaven

Drinking and games go together like peaches go with cream, they are just perfect for each other. Drink, then play, then drink some more and play some more. The enjoyment that can be had out of drinking games just gets exponentially better the more you play. This simple truth has given birth to a multitude of ingeniously devised games made specially for drinking, spanning word games, card games, board games, and so much more! They are perfect for any occasion, to break the ice when meeting new friends, or to boost the amusement in parties and special occasions. Really, you just can’t go wrong with drinking games as presents for men.

What is Drinkopoly?

Drinkopoly is one of those ingenious drinking games that everyone must have, combining card and board games into a single package that spans hours of fun and drinking. As players traverse through the board and randomly draw cards in the process, they have to do set tasks to avoid paying a penalty consisting of drinks and shots. But the choice isn’t that simple (and really, where would be the fun in that?), because the tasks range from easy to frustratingly difficult, or from ones that raise a few giggles to others that are just too embarrassing to do. The player to reach the end of the board course is the winner, but with the laughs and enjoyment to be had along the way to the end of the game, no one really comes out as the loser.

Other Drinking Games Perfect as Presents for Men

For drinking games, the fun gets better as your collection gets larger. Aside from Drinkopoly, you can also consider other drinking games as presents for men to add to their collection. A fan of the all-time favourite beer pong? Get him his very own Beer Pong Set so he can host Beer Pong tournaments at home with buddies.

Where to Get Drinkopoly and Other Drinking Games

The one of a kind Drinkopoly and the Beer Pong Set are offered at Everything But Flowers, among Australia’s best online gift shops. Looking for presents for men? Look no further, Everything But Flowers is your best bet for many unique gift options and ideas. Aside from drinking games, we have a throng of other gift items that will surely fit the profile of your ideal gift.