Everybody loves cracking open a nice cold beer after a long day at work. That’s why, here at Everything But Flowers, we have a selection of Novelty Drinking Gifts. For the beers that just can’t be opened with the twist of a hand, we have the Happy Man Bottle Opener, sure to get a laugh. Then it’s time to get down to the serious drinking with the Double Shot Drink Dispenser. Finally, when everyone has a good buzz going break out the Drinking Dominoes for some simple fun. We, here at Everything But Flowers, want you to have fun and that’s why we have such amazing Novelty Drinking Gifts.

Drinking Gifts

After a long and stressful day at work, everyone loves to have a drink with a few friends by the café or at home with family to relax. That is why we also have drinking gifts, gifts that are necessary for drinking purposes, such as our Happy Man Bottle Opener, a funny looking bottle opener that will let you laugh out loud while attempting to open a bottle of drink. Get these as men’s gifts and they are sure to love it. 

I’m looking for men’s gifts. Are there any games for drinking available at Everything But Flowers?

Yes, there are games for drinking, such as our Drinking Dartboard and Novelty Drinking Game Shot Roulette. 

Drinking Dartboard is a game you can play while drinking with friends, with a combination of classic party and fun all involved. But even the losers win with our Drinking Dartboard! On one side of this reversible, velcro dartboard, you can play a classic game of darts. On the other side, you can play the sophisticated game of drinking darts. And in case you were worried, no darts are included in this kit. There are only four safe velcro balls. So no matter how drunk you get, there will be no drinking dart-related injuries. Sounds great as men’s gifts, huh?

Our Novelty Drinking Game Shot Roulette comes with one roulette board and sixteen shot glasses and 2 roulette balls. Drinking is fun, but you can even make it more fun with this game! Give Shot Roulette as a Christmas or birthday gift to your party-loving friends and family. It makes awesome men’s gifts too!

Are other men’s gifts can I find under this section at Everything But Flowers?

There are plenty of men’s gifts available at Everything But Flowers. You can find Beer Pong, a gentleman’s drinking game featuring 12 plastic cups and two plastic balls. The aim of Beer Pong is to fill the plastic cups with a variety of intoxicating beverages and then attempt to bounce the balls in them. 

With our Drink Markers – Drinking Buddies, chances are, you’ll always be getting the right drink and not the wrong one by accident since there’s a drink marker for everyone to mark their drinks as theirs! 

Opening a bottle is no longer that hard with our Rugby Ball Bottle Opener, Magic 8 Ball Bottle Opener By Bottlepop and Cricket Ball Bottle Opener By Bottlepop!

Get the party started with our novelty drinking gift, Spinning Arrow! With our Spinning Arrow, you can simply spin the arrow and see who is the next to drink. Whichever person the arrow ends up pointing at, becomes the person who has to finish the drink. It makes drinking a lot more fun! Get this as men’s gifts for your friends or family who love drinking!

How do I make a purchase? 

Purchases are able to be made online or by contacting our staffs if you are unsure of how the process works. Call our staff at 1300 459 452 for more information. Or drop us an email at sales@everythingbutflowers.com.au