Dine in style with the Everything but Flowers dining collection. Are you shopping for someone who loves to give dinner parties? Then you will definitely find something in our amazing dining catalogue!

Dinnerware As Gifts

Looking for beautiful dinnerware as birthday presents for your loved ones or your friends? Worry no more! Everything But Flowers has the best birthday presents you can find. Dinnerwares are great birthday presents for your mother, your sister, or your best friend. Women love dinnerwares! Here at Everything But Flowers, you can definitely find the right birthday present!

She loves making sushi. Any idea what I should get for her?

Don’t worry about not knowing what to get your family or your friend who loves making sushi! You’ve come to the right place as Everything But Flowers has the best gifts available. Check out the Davis & Waddell Sushi Set, the Oriental 6 Piece Sushi Set and the Oriental Sushi Set for 2. 

The Davis & Waddell Sushi Set is a great way to promote a healthy lifestyle. This sushi set encourages people to take healthy foods like sushi. A serving platter, a pair of sushi mats, a pair of small bowls and 2 sets of chopsticks comprise this environmentally-friendly sushi serving set. 

Our Oriental 6 Piece Sushi Set is an elegant six-piece sushi set for an extra special someone that you really want to spoil. Our upbeat set includes 2 Sushi Plates, 2 Dip Dishes and 2 Chopstick Rests although you will have to add the chopsticks and the sushi before you present it.

As for our Oriental Sushi Set for 2, it is a stylish sushi platter that comes with a separate bowl which is ideal for serving condiments and dips like soy sauce, wasabi and more. This set includes Bamboo Lazy Susan 2 pairs of Chopsticks Dipping Dish.

I’m looking for beautiful cutlery. Are there any at Everything But Flowers?

Yes, there are. You can browse our dining section for dinnerwares and look for our Laguiole by Jean Dubost Steak Knife Set in Light H, Girls French Cutlery Set, Laguiole by Jean Dubost Carving Set in Light Horn, Laguiole by Jean Dubost Cheese Set with Cleaver in, Laguiole by Jean Dubost St Louis 12 Piece Steak Kn, Laguiole St Louis Steak Knife Set and Laguiole by Jean Dubost Cheese Knife Set in Black. These pieces of cutlery are good in quality and are the world’s most beautiful pieces of cutlery. 

Browse our great selection of dinnerware to find your favourite!

Are there any beautiful glasses available at Everything But Flowers?

Of course! At Everything But Flowers, you can always find beautiful gifts or birthday presents and this include beautiful glasses! They are all available only at Everything But Flowers. You can browse online and look for our Tara Dennis Frost Stemless Glasses and our Schott Zwiezel Champagne Ivento Flutes. 

Check out our Tara Dennis Frost Stemless Glasses, stunning stemless wine glasses that are sure to impress guests and are perfect for a glass of wine. It is designed by Australian Designer Tara Dennis.

As for Schott Zwiezel Champagne Ivento Flutes, they are German made and are perfect for holding Champagne bubbles longer and intensifying the delicious taste of Champagne.