The Five Book: What Do The Next 5 yrs Hold?

Hardback book, by Dan Zadra and Kristel Wills

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Life can sometimes get in the way of dreams and life goals. You think youll be one place in 5 years, but find you havent moved at all. 5: Where Will You Be Five Years from Today will help you discover where you want to be in 5 years. It will also inspire you to reach your 5-year goal.

With quotes and questions, authors Dan Zadra and Kristel Wills seek to make your life the one youve always wanted. An 80 page journey of inspiration, this hardcover book will have you working toward your goals. Whether youre a new college graduate, a retiree, or just someone looking to change their life for the better, 5 has exactly what you need to move forward.

And if youre looking for a Christmas present, retirement, or graduation gift, this wonderfully inspiring book is incredibly thoughtful to help people reach their full potential.

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The Most Relaxing Just Because Gifts for Mum

Children are blessingsno doubtand mums are the saints of the world; they love their kids unconditionally, while sharing in the laughter, love, sorrow, and life experiences from day one. Mums are the greatest, and while Mothers Day is a great day to give back, it's also important to track down an amazing Christmas gift for mum; but of course; sometimes the best gifts for mum are those that are given just because you love, appreciate, and admire everything she has done for you.

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Book Presents for Mums Who Love to Read and Learn About New Hobbies

When kids get older and take on their own interests, mums are free to rediscover their hobbies, finding themselves again after so many years of being the reliable mother that their children have needed. In our experience, books make the best gifts for mum, especially when she is reading to learn about new hobbies and interests that might strike her fancy.

For instance, our Porn for the Working Woman Book might sound crude, but it is actually a must-read packed with recipes and pictures of delicious, indulgent desserts. Or, if your mum loves an empowering must-read, give her The 50 Booka page-turner with unique pictures of women celebrating life, love, and laughter.

Fresh Roses are the Best Beautiful Go-To Gifts for Mum

When in doubt on what would be the best go-to gifts for mum this year, remember that fresh roses always make the mark. Sure, our name is Everything but Flowers, but we still offer a beautiful selection of lovely floral arrangements in a wide range of vases and gift-wrapped boxes. For example, our Blushing Roses Floral Arrangement and Lavender Wishes Floral Bouquet are two of our bestsellers. Each one comes with over a dozen beautiful roses in a plethora of gorgeous, vibrant colours, amidst wispy tissue paper and satin bows.

Colouring Books Double as Relaxing and Old-School Presents for Mum

We at Everything but Flowers discovered a long time ago that colouring gifts are relaxing and comforting. They take adults back to their childhoods, where it was easier to simply forget about the everyday stresses of life and focus on having fun with a pack of crayons, coloured pencils, and a good colouring book.

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