Top Christmas Gift Ideas at Everything But Flowers

Author: Nicole Adler  Date Posted:31 May 2016 

It's that time of the year again when you get to prepare our list of Christmas presents to buy – a task that is both exciting and tedious at the same time. This season is another chance to show your loved ones how much we appreciate having them in your life. However, you also want the best for them so you take great pains in scouring through gift choices on the Internet. Do you want to know what Everything But Flowers has in store for you? We have listed the top 3 Christmas presents ideas depending on who the recipient is. Read on below.

Christmas Presents for Kids 

Christmas Presents for Kids

Slime Lab by Wild Science
Do you want to spark a kid's interest in the world of science? The Slime Lab by Wild Science will enable them to discover the exciting aspects of chemistry through the use of slimy recipes such as green jelly worms and tadpole soup. These exciting activities will make them learn about different concepts such as cross-linked polymers, ion diffusion and hydrated crystals. A colourful guide with matching illustrations is included so that they can thoroughly enjoy the activity. You don't need to worry about the kid's safety because it does not contain Borax or any other toxic substances. 

Good Night Darth Vader Children’s Book
Do you know a kid who just seems to never run out of energy? It is already way past bedtime and yet it looks like he doesn't have any plans of hitting the sack yet. The Good Night Darth Vader Children`s Book is one of the Christmas presents that will surely put them to sleep in no time. This wonderful storybook was written by the New York Times bestseller Jeffrey Brown. The lively and vibrant illustrations tells about how Darth Vader pacified his energetic twins, Luke and Lea, who has no plans of getting to bed either! 

Both children and adults alike have dreamt of being a Jedi knight at some point in their lives. Why not let your kid know what it feels like to be one by giving the awesome lightsabre as Christmas presents? They will be doing battles with this toy which was specially designed to imitate the iconic weapon used in Star Wars. The colours of its light can be changed to make the kid feel its power. It also produces a distinct battling sound just like how you would hear it in the movies. It has a solid rubber handle so that kids can easily grip it.
Christmas Presents for Her

Christmas Presents for Her

Marshmallow diamond bath robe & fragrance gift set by MOR
Women are quite particular to details especially when it comes to grooming and hygiene. This is why they take so many hours in the bathroom trying to get ready for the day ahead of them. That is why the Marshmallow Diamond Bath Robe and Fragrance Gift Set is a great Christmas gift. It has a unique fragrance produced by the harmonious mix of floral scents and earthy components such as jasmine, Calathea flower, sugar, and vanilla, to name a few. This wonderful scent is matched with a luxurious light pink bath robe that will make any woman feel like a queen after taking her relaxing bath.

Pretty in Pink Pamper Hamper
Women deserve to have all the love and care because of their unwavering support for us. We should make them feel pampered from time to time. One of the best ways to do so is to give her the Pretty in Pink Pamper Hamper as Christmas presents this season. Her day will certainly brighten up once she sees what this package contains: 
A superb gourmet feast that tastes like heaven which includes world-class treats such as Willie's Cacao El Blanco Venezuelan Pure White Chocolate, Maison Fossier French Palmier Pastries, and Maison Fossier French Biscuit Roses.

A bottle of 750ml Brown Brother's Victorian Crouchen Riesling Rose with extravagant watermelon and strawberry flavour.

Products that will make her look blooming for the Christmas celebrations to come with the Hand Cream Set, MOR Cosmetics Honey Nectar Bliss Soap and the MOR Cosmetics Blood Orange Body Butter.

Ann Gare Daisy Scale Blue
If the special woman in your life has an interest for the art of baking, the Ann Gare Daisy Scale Blue will be a quite helpful tool as she produces delectable treats for you. This portable scale saves up a huge deal of space in the kitchen to help her become more organised as she works around the area. Its vibrant colours will surely brighten up anyone’s mood to make them eager to bake for their loved ones. Rest assured that the readings the scale gives are accurate and precise. This will surely be a tool that you’ll be looking for in every home.
Christmas Presents for Him

Christmas Presents for Him
Drinkopoly Drinking Game
Drinking with buddies is one of men’s top favourite activities to kill time. Of course, it gets boring in the long run when you only drink and share stories. Fortunately, game creators came up with the great idea of spicing things up when it comes to drinking. Give your guy friends the Drinkopoly Drinking Game as Christmas presents. This game is quite popular in the USA and UK. The goal is to reach the finish line of the board first while doing crazy tasks such as telling jokes or imitating animal sounds. If you fail to do so, you need to drink a shot!

E-Pet Car Interior Protector
Men are considered to be dog lovers; however, when our friendly pets ruin the interior of our car with their fur, dirt, and grime then that’s an entirely different story! Help your friend protect his car and preserve his good relationship with his dog by giving him the E-Pet Car Interior Protector as Christmas presents. Its polyester material makes it highly durable to withstand the sharpness of dog nails. It is also waterproof. It’s design can easily match a lot of car interiors.
Private Surf Lesson Bondi Beach
One of the best Christmas presents that you can give to your best buddy is something that can help him more impressive to the girls. Give him a Private Surf Lesson Bondi Beach. Hit the waves in one of Australia’s best surfing spots. A personal instructor will teach you about the basics of surfing or will help you refine your technique if you already have experience. Rest assured that every session will be adjusted according to your skill level. Everything is provided for which includes the wetsuit, sunblock and surfboard.