Humans of New York Coffee Table Book

Hardback Book, by Brandon Stanton

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A few years ago, Brandon Stanton lost his job. To fill his time and to pursue a dream, he took to the streets and began photographing people he saw walking around New York City. Over time, he began to interview his subjects, learning interesting and often intimate details of their lives. And he began calling this project Humans of New York.

With over 15 million followers on Facebook, Humans of New York continues to inspire and astound audiences. And now, in his book Humans of New York: Stories, Stanton gives his audience an even closer closer look at the people of New York. With new photos and longer stories, this book is a great addition to any coffee table or bookshelf.

We recommend giving Humans of New York: Stories as a Christmas gift, birthday present, or anniversary gift.

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The Joy of Giving Books as Christmas Presents

Have you noticed how young children are fascinated and stare when they see other children of their own age? It is the same with dogs, they spot another dog and off they go to say hello in that unique doggie way! As we become adults, we may not stare at other people, rapt with interest, but when you look at social media and news channels you can see how continually interested we are in one another. Human are curious by nature, which is why Brandon Stanton's Humans of New York project has swept the entire world by storm and his popular blog and website has been transformed into a stunning book full of human interest stories for the perfect Christmas gift.

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We also got the Humans of New York Coffee Table Book, filled with fascinating people from that city that never sleeps, an amazing Christmas present for adults of all ages.

Brandon Stanton's story is an inspiring one; after losing his job, Brandon started photographing people around New York. He then started interviewing them and created a unique anthology of some of New York's most interesting and unusual people. Anybody interested in the world will find this a wonderful Christmas present.

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What Are Some Other Reasons to Choose Books as Good Christmas Presents?

Books such as the Humans of New York Coffee Table Book can also serve a very useful purpose as a Christmas present. When they are placed on a table, they can be great conversation starters. Or, if a host has to leave a guest alone for a while, they give the guest something to look at. So, giving photography books as good Christmas presents can be joyful, funny, interesting and useful. They are also the kind of gift people treasure and revisit time after time. Our books are of a high-quality, so you can be confident when you give them as good Christmas presents that you are giving something premium!

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