Stephanie Alexander Garden Planting Set

Gardening time with Stephanie Alexander

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Growing and cutting your own fresh fruit or vegetables for home cooking is a lovely way to spend time and cook amazing treats. Stephanie Alexander has yet again, come to the aid with her gorgeous and sensible Garden Planting Set. The Planting Set includes all the right tools to get your cottage garden at home on the go and sprouting for summer!

The designer set includes a Trowel, Pruners, 6 Herb Markers, Pencil and String so you can create a sublime looking and tasting garden. All those herbs and veges can be whisked straight into the cooking and kitchen to offer beautiful meals for all the family and friends. We love Stephanie Alexander and we love great gifts. Have your Stephanie Alexander Garden Planting Set sent in our Premium Gift Wrapping


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Christmas Present Ideas for Gardeners for a great Summer in the Garden

There is nothing better than pottering in the garden. If you are wanting to buy a beautiful gift for a gardener, especially one that loves to cook or is a bit of a foodie, then this Garden Planting Set by Stephanie Alexander is perfect. Christmas is a great time to get out in the garden. Christmas present ideas for gardening enthusiasts are easy. Quality garden tools, gardening accessories, heirloom seeds and new seedlings for their garden make wonderful Christmas present ideas for gardeners.

What Are Good Gardening Presents for Young and Old?

Gardening is great for people of all ages. Kids are never too young to learn a love of gardening. Teach them the simple joy of growing their own food, and the benefits and great taste of veggies fresh from the garden. Kids will also love learning how to cook freshly picked food from the garden. If you would like to teach some important life skills, and share quality time with your kids or grandkids, then cooking gifts and gardening Christmas present ideas for kids are perfect. Along with simple kid-friendly kitchen accessories, Christmas present ideas for the garden and cooking gifts make great stocking stuffers and Christmas presents for kids.

From Stephanie Alexander’s full homewares collection, this Garden Planting Set is just one of her many high quality, stylish, nature-inspired kitchen accessories and garden tools. As one of Australia’s great chefs and food educators, Stephanie Alexander created her Kitchen Garden Foundation so that kids could learn all about growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing fresh food. Get your kids or grandkids out in the garden with this beautiful and simple wooden Garden Planting Set.

It’s not just kids that love gardening. Cooking and gardening are relaxing hobbies that reduce stress, encourage relaxation, and provide some gentle exercise. Pottering in the garden, collecting herbs for the kitchen and sharing good food with family and friends is a great way for the busy working mum or dad to relax. If you are looking for a Christmas present for a busy mum or dad to help them unwind, then get them outside in the fresh air with an outdoor gift like this Stephanie Alexander Garden Planting Set. Add in a few potted herbs to get them started, or a stylish homeware gift or some kitchen accessories to help serve up their very own fresh food, and they’ll be enjoying the garden in no time.

Gardening gifts also make good Christmas presents for grandparents and more mature adults. Recent retirees will especially appreciate gifts for the garden. Cooking and gardening are often passions that many people don’t have a chance to fully explore while working fulltime. And gardening has many health benefits for older people. Even if your intended gift recipient is already a keen gardener, this quality gardening set will be a gorgeous addition to their vegie garden and would make a wonderful Christmas present for gardeners.

What Are the Most Original Christmas Presents for Gardeners?

Everything but Flowers has already mentioned some of the good Christmas presents you could get for gardeners. However, there is one more original option in our good Christmas presents range we should mention here, our range of gardening experiences.

There are several gardening experiences in our good Christmas presents range. It includes experiences such as an organic gardening class, where your recipient will be tutored in the arts of organic gardening. Of course, our good Christmas presents range also includes a Preserve the Harvest Class, where your recipient learns some techniques to get the most from his or her garden harvest.

Aside from gardening experiences, our range of good Christmas presents also includes experiences related to food, adventure, and even thrill-seeking! So, if you need an experience that offers something else than gardening, be sure to check out the good Christmas presents catalogue.