Admiral Decanter

Divine Crystal Cut Decanter by Viski

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Favourite Liquor, Wine or Whiskey will be housed with such style in the Viski Admiral Decanter. Cut with beautiful crystal inspired cross hatching the sparkling delight of the Viski’s Admiral Decanter is a gorgeous gift idea for any home or bar. The decanter is in an octangular shape that includes the stopper and features a heavy base for sitting comfortably on a bar or shelf

The Viski Admiral Decanter will display 30oz of favourite spirits or wine and will radiate spheres of light from the stunning design on the casing of the decanter. What a wonderful gift to say ‘I love you’ for any occasion. The Viski Admiral Decanter deserves sleek presentation, so don’t forget to have your gift sent in our Premium Gift wrapping to anywhere your loved ones may be

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Do People Love Getting Glassware for Christmas?

Everybody has glassware in their home. Everyday glasses, different sized glasses of various shapes, and special glassware for when guests come around. How often have you broken your glassware? Most people, either during a party, or when washing up, break glasses – often the most expensive ones, because they are made from the finest glass. This is why glassware Christmas present ideas are so great!

Are You Stuck on What to Buy Your Friends for Christmas?

Do your friends love having people round for drinks, barbecues, and dinner parties? When you include glassware in your Christmas gifts for party-loving friends, especially the exquisite glasses from Everything but Flowers, they will probably adore them. Take a look at our glassware collection by Anna Gare, which looks beautiful, and is great for wine, champagne and cocktails.

Are You Looking for Christmas Present Ideas for Dads?

If your dad, or granddads, love having a tipple, then buying crystal Christmas present ideas for dads, like the Admiral Decanter, are excellent for when he wants to wow guests, and they also look great on display. If you need good Christmas presents for whisky lovers, a quality crystal decanter will be an awesome Christmas present.

The Admiral Decanter is exquisitely cut by Viski, so it catches the light, flashing rainbows of colour. We have crystal glasses too, which will complement the decanter beautifully if this year you want Christmas present ideas for dads that spoil them. And why not? Dads deserve to be spoiled sometimes!

What Kind of Glassware Should I Buy for Christmas?

Christmas gifts for friends and relatives usually have something special about them. When we receive Christmas gifts, we have some expectations – or at least we hope! - that they will have something special about them. Beautiful glassware is always special to give as beautiful Christmas gifts for friends and relatives. Take a look at our varied collection of glasses and decanters, and you will find highly desirable Christmas presents for your loved ones. Your party-loving friends will be particularly pleased with your fantastic taste!

We have other glassware that make wonderful Christmas present ideas for family and friends. If some of your loved ones are not into entertaining, you will find vases and bowls made from crystal that look beautiful around the home. Are you wondering what Christmas gifts to buy grandmothers, or aunts? Take a look at our crystal collection and other gorgeous glassware.

Are There Glassware Presents for Beer Lovers This Holiday Season?

Yes, beer is great out of a bottle or a can, but it never tastes the same as when it is drunk from a great beer glass. If you want Christmas present ideas for mates who love beer, you are in the right place. We have different, and handsome looking beer glasses, including manly, sturdy steins! For a special Christmas treat for a great friend, you can add one of our beer hampers that contain a selection of fine craft beers.

You will find plenty of novelty beer items, that are great BBQ Christmas gifts for mates. If you are on a budget, a lot of our novelty Christmas gifts are extremely affordable, so you can buy good Christmas presents for mates and not burn a hole in your pocket!

What Should I Combine with Glassware for Christmas Presents?

Even though our glassware is incredibly luxurious and can be gifted on its own, some customers want to combine our glassware with other good Christmas presents. Fortunately, there are other good Christmas presents in our collection that will match your glassware present perfectly.

One of our recommendations for customers who choose glassware from our good Christmas presents section is a nice bottle of wine, champagne, or whiskey. If you are buying for a beer lover, you can also supplement your glassware with a nice selection of craft beers from our good Christmas presents collection.

To get a better overview of the possibilities at Everything but Flowers, we urge you to head over to the “Christmas” section on the website. Simply head over to the “occasions” tab on the main menu and select “Christmas” from the subcategories for an instant overview of suitable Christmas presents.